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The History of Hyrule

Taz Rekishe da.ia Hirule
taz rekiSe d@a hirule
By: Dejaren

     According to the Hylian scrolls and the ancient Book of Mudora, three mythical goddesses descended from a distant nebula to the chaotic world that was Hyrule, and created order and life. There was Din, the Goddess of Power who dyed the mountains red with fire and created land; Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom who created science and wizardry and brought order to nature; and Farore, the Goddess of Courage who, through justice and vigor, and love, created life-the animals that crawl the land, the fish that swim in the rivers, and the birds that soar in the sky.
     After the Goddesses had finished their work, they left the world, though not before creating a symbol of their powers left in the wake of their passing: a golden triangle composed of three smaller triangles known as the Triforce. A small but marvelous portion of the essence of the three Goddesses was held in this mighty artifact, which was to guide the intelligent life on the world of Hyrule.
     Although it may have been an inanimate object, the Triforce (also called the "Power of Gold", or the "Golden Power") held within it the power to bestow three titles which gave the person who received them great powers: The Forger of Power, The Keeper of Wisdom, and The Juror of Courage. From its place of hiding in the Sacred Realm (otherwise known as "The Golden Land" or "Land of the Golden Power") where the Goddesses had placed it, the Triforce beckoned people from the outside world to seek it in the hope that someone worthy of these three titles would find it.  That person would have to be raised in a certain fashion, and to have had many experiences.  Only that person could use the Triforce well.
     The Goddesses had created nine distinct races to live in their new world: the fish-like Zora lived in the vast waterways of the land; the rock-eating Gorons dwelt inside the massive Death Mountain or in other mountain ranges, and created bombs. In the Lost Woods, far to the east in Hylia, the elfish Kokiri lived. The black-hearted Gerudo people made the desert their home, while the mysterious Sheikah lived at the foot of Death Mountain and secret islands, vowing to protect the Royal Hylian family. The noble Hylians lived all around the world, in the large Hyrule Field, and many other places outside of Hylia.  The tree-like Deku who lives in the swamp and forest, the lizard-like Tokay who live on a stranded island called Crescent Island, and the shadowy Subrosians who live in the fiery and most desolate place on the earth, if not another world.
     The Kokiri are a forest-dwelling people, who live in the Kokiri Forest, a part of the Lost Woods.  They always stay children, even after 100 years.  However, mysteries remain about how this race was made.  One theory was that were originally Hylians who stumbled into the Lost Woods.  Another was that the Great Deku Tree created them. The spirit looking over them was the Great Deku Tree.  The Great Deku Tree had given fairies to protect the children, and had given them shelter.  He had also made them immortal with his magic.  That is why they are always children.  They only live in Hylia, so they are very hard to come by.  The people of Hyrule are forbidden to enter this sacred forest, and the Kokiri are forbidden to leave it.  The reason why is that if people enter the Lost Woods, they will turn into monsters, and if the Kokiri leave it they will die.
     The Hylian Gorons are a fire/mountain-dwelling race, who live in Death Mountain.  They eat rock sirloin, and harvest Bomb Flowers to make and sell bombs.  They get these items from the Dodongo's Cavern, which is nearby Goron City.  Thus, they are both fit health-wise and economy-wise.They are very hardy, and can survive even in extremely harsh weather.  Their leader is Darunia, the Big Brother of the Gorons.  He is a descendant of a Goron Hero.  He is usually grumpy, but he can be very nice.  However, most Goron settlements have an elder, and live in many different types of climates.  Most Gorons live near a place with many Dodongos, as they are very good for making Bomb Bags and other things.  The other reason why they live near Dodongos is that areas with Dodongos have large quantities of rock sirloin in the ground and caves, the main food of Gorons worldwide.  The Gorons can vary greatly in size.  They die, but they live lives up to 250 years of age.
     The Hylian Zoras dwell in Zora's Domain, a large cave bored into the wall of a waterfall, which is full of water itself.  They are mostly long and thin, but some are fat and squat.  They mainly eat fish, and nothing else.  Because they live in the water, they are susceptible to environmental changes.  They have a monarchy system of government.  They also have a guardian deity, Lord Jabu-Jabu.  He lives in Zora's Fountain, where all of the water in Hylia, if not the world, comes from.  They say that if you give him a fish as an offering, you will get good luck in return.  The Zoras have the same lifespan as Hylians do, and they lay eggs.  However, the Zoras also live in other parts of the world, especially in a place called Zora Hall.  It is a large cave totally underwater.  It is in the Great Bay, and they have no definite leader.  The Zora Hall is famous for its rock band, the Indigo-Gos.  The lead guitarist is Mikau, a descendant of a Zoran hero.
     The Hylian Gerudos are a very unusual race.  They live in the desert, which gives them their tan skin.  The reason why this is such an unusual race is that it is all female.  Only one male child is born into the Gerudo clan, and when that person is born, he is to be declared King of the Gerudo.  The Gerudos are very good at thieving, which gives them their bad reputation.  They usually think of men as low down scum, with the exception of their king.  However, Gerudos also exist in other areas in Hyrule.  Most of the time, they live in sunny places, like beaches or deserts.  If they live in the desert, they are thieves.  If they live on the ocean or beach, they are pirates.  Only the Hylian Gerudos give birth to a male Gerudo; all of the other Gerudo clans are all women, all the time.  They mate with Hylians, so don't get any 'unusual' ideas.  Pirate Gerudos are much tougher than the thieving kind.
     The Sheikah are very mysterious, and little is known about them.  People say that they have died out, but there are still a few Sheikah surviving in Hyrule, somewhere.  No one knows for sure if they died out, or if they immigrated to an island far out at sea.  They are usually called the shadow folk by Hylian locals.  They lived in Kakariko Village, where the great Impa's house remains as a landmark.  They were specialists in using "fake reality," or shadows, which is making something that is not real, such as a wall that you see, but is not really there.  To see through these shadows, they made the Lens of Truth, which could see through these things.  They also made the Mask of Truth, which was a mask that could see into people's, and animals', minds.  Also, they placed "Gossip Stones" around Hyrule, which revealed secrets to you if you wore the Mask of Truth.  They were originally placed there as a relay system of information.
     The Deku are swamp/forest-dwelling race, who have evolved from trees.   They are still very much like them, due to their wooden bodies, leaves for hair, and sap bubbles they blow.  They are very hard to find, and can only be found in the Kokiri Forest in Hylia, the Southern Swamp, and a few other swamps and forests.  Their glowing eyes allow them to see in the dark.  They have special flowers, known as Deku Flowers, that they can jump out of and float down from.  They are very buoyant, as they have bodies made of wood.  However, due to that fact, they will die if they touch fire.
     The Tokay live on Crescent Island in Labrynna.  They are very rare and hard to come by.  They live in only on this island and in this water.  They are very secluded, so they are curious about many things that aren't native to their island.  Little is known about them, because almost no one has ever gone to Crescent Island.  If you ever see a Tokay, you are very lucky!  The Tokay almost never leave the land, shores, and waters Crescent Island, let alone go onto other land.
     The Subrosians are a very secretive race.  They live in Subrosia, a very hot place.  The heat there is very extreme, even for the Gorons!  There is only one way to get there: by using a portal in the country of Holodrum.  They live in lava, and treat it like a mud bath.  They have a hobby, and that is to dance!  Again, very little is known about them because almost no one has ever gone to Subrosia.  If you ever see a Subrosian, consider yourself very lucky, because they almost never come up onto the surface. The Subrosians are small in size and are people that wear cloaks.  One cannot see anything except their own eyes.  Also, at one time, a Temple of Seasons  had fallen into the East Plaza of Subrosia.  This was done by Onox, the General of Destruction.
     With their magic infused blood, the Hylian people were endowed with psychic powers and skilled in wizardry. It was also said that their long, pointed ears enabled them to hear special messages from the goddesses, so they were held in high esteem by the many people in Hyrule. Their descendants settled in various parts of the world and passed on their knowledge and magical lore to all people. In its passing, however, the lore was often distorted or lost altogether.
     Now, the Sheikah folk had many tales, most being about the Triforce itself and how its magical power was used.  They say that if one worthy of the Triforce, that is to say one with a righteous heart, used it, they would lead Hyrule to a golden age of prosperity.  However, if one with an evil heart used it, evil shall conquer the world of Hyrule.
     Also, they say that the Sacred Realm reflected what was in the heart.  If one with a righteous heart with the three virtues in balance enters the Golden Land, the Golden Land will be wonderful place.  But, if one with an evil heart enters it, it will be a place of evil and darkness.  Should one with an evil heart enters the Golden Land and uses the Triforce, the Triforce will separate into three triangles: Power, Wisdom, and Courage.  The parts of the Triforce would be embedded into three people, chosen by destiny.  The one who separated the Triforce shall only get the part that he most believed in.  Those chosen by destiny shall have the Triforce mark on their left hands.  Furthermore, if the three Triforce parts come together, the Triforce will form.
     However, these tales of the Triforce became so twisted and distorted, that no one could understand its meaning by the time it was told.  Most of them telling only one thing: The Triforce is merely a tool to get a wish.
     When Hyrule was young, seven people of Hyrule came together.  These were the fabled Seven Sages of Hyrule.  They knew what would become of Hyrule if someone with an evil heart used the Triforce.  So, they built a seal to protect the Golden Land.  This seal was created with the six elements of Hyrule: Forest, Fire, Water, Spirit, Shadow, and Light.  These elements' power were sealed in six medallions, each with their own power.  However, each of the medallions were a part of the key to unlock the door to the Golden Land.  They were not very safe in the open land of Hyrule.  So, the Sages built five temples to protect the medallions, each in a different region of Hyrule.  One in a deep forest, one in a high mountain, one under a vast lake, one in a goddess of the sand, and one in the house of the dead.
     The Sages' work was almost done.  However, one sage, Rauru, the Sage of Light, built the Temple of Time to protect the entrance to the Temple of Light, which was, in turn, the entrance to the Golden Land.  In the Temple of Time, there was a massive stone block, known as the Door of Time.  It could only be opened by 4 magical objects: the Spiritual Stones and the Ocarina of Time.  The three spiritual stones were the Kokiri's Emerald, the Goron's Ruby, and the Zora's Sapphire.  Each presided over three main elements: Forest, Fire, and Water.  These placed on the altar in the Temple of Time, as well as playing the mystical song, the Song of Time, on the Ocarina of Time, opened the Door of Time.
     Behind the Door of Time, there was a portal to the Sacred Realm, as well as Hyrule's most treasured possession: The Master Sword.  This was the sword of evil's bane; a sword that evil ones may never touch.  However, only one worthy of the title, Hero of Time, may brandish this sword.
     With the Sheikah came about another tale, one about the Hero of Time.  They say that every 100 years or so, a reincarnation of a great Hero is born.  The legend goes that this new Hero is born at the same time of evil's wake.  That Hero shall conquer the evil in Hyrule, no matter what form it may be in.  This new Hero is the reincarnation of the previous Hero, and its successor, too.
     Furthermore, in the five temples of Hyrule would call those destined to be Sages at the time of need.  The time of need was when evil has taken over Hyrule, and the temples themselves are overwhelmed by evil.  These new Sages would use the Medallion of the temple to cast away the evil in that region of Hyrule.
     Before the Great Earthquake, Rauru had built the Temple of Time.  It was the previous hiding place of the Master Sword. There was an altar in the Temple of Time, and it had an inscription on it. It read:

Ye who hold the 3 Spiritual Stones,
stand here with the Ocarina of Time and play the Song of Time.

     The Spiritual Stones are the Kokiri's Emerald, the Goron's Ruby, and the Zora's Sapphire.  These were owned by the Kokiri, the Gorons, and the Zoras.  They had a special power in them; the forces of Forest, Fire, and Water were inside of them.  These were the forces that had created life itself.
     Before the Great Earthquake, Hyrule was much different than it is today.  Kakariko Village was to the south of Death Mountain, and the Lost Woods to the south of Zora's Domain.  Lake Hylia and the Giant Desert (previously called the Haunted Wasteland) were not side by side to each other.  There were five main temples: the Forest Temple, the Fire Temple, the Water Temple, the Spirit Temple, and the Shadow Temple. Each had a Medallion in them.
     About 200 years before the Great Earthquake, a war began to break out.  Each race had claimed that one of the other races had kept the Triforce all to themselves and did not share with the whole of Hyrule.  The Great Hylian War had begun.  Only one race was not involved, and that was the Kokiri.  The Kokiri were in a secluded part of the Lost Woods, known as the Kokiri Forest.  Suddenly, a great king of Hyrule had made peace with all the races, and had thus stopped the war.  Leaders were then chosen for each of the races.  The Mido for the Kokiri, Darunia the Big Brother of the Gorons, King Zora the Seventh of the Zoras, Ganondorf, the King of the Gerudo, and Impa, leader of the Sheikah.  Of course, there was a king of Hyrule.
     Ganondorf swore allegiance to the King of Hyrule.  Although the King believed him, Ganondorf was secretly planning to overthrow the King, and take the Triforce to rule Hyrule.  However, to do so, he would need to take the Spiritual Stones and the Ocarina of Time.
     He would put a death curse on the Great Deku Tree so that it would give the Kokiri's Emerald to him.  He would block the Goron's food supply and hurt the Goron's economy by blocking the Dodongo's Cavern, a cave with an abundance of rock sirloin and Bomb Flowers, so that he could get the Goron's Ruby.  He would make Lord Jabu-Jabu, the guardian deity of the Zoras, eat Princess Ruto so that the Zoras would give the Zora's Sapphire to him.  He would only need the Ocarina of Time after that.  He would have to use his army of Gerudos to kill the King and kidnap the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda.  He would then be able to get the Triforce!
     However, a very unexpected turn of events had taken place.  A young boy named Link had saved the Great Deku Tree (although the Great Deku Tree still died due to the death curse) and received the Kokiri¥s Emerald from him.  He had saved the Gorons, both nutritionally and economy-wise by unlocking the Dodongo's Cavern and ridding it of Dodongos, and got the Goron's Ruby from Darunia.  He had also saved Princess Ruto from Lord Jabu-Jabu, thus saving Princess Ruto from digestive acids and Lord Jabu-Jabu from a bad case of indigestion, and received the Zora's Sapphire from Princess Ruto in return.  When Ganondorf had chased Princess Zelda out of  ý the castle, Princess Zelda had given Link the Ocarina of Time by throwing it into the castleÕs moat.  Link found the Ocarina of Time.  Zelda had put a spell on the Ocarina, so that Link would know what to do.  Link found out that he needed to go to the Temple of Time and play the Song of Time in front of the altar there.  When he did so, the Door of Time had opened.
     As Link had opened the Door of Time, Ganondorf knew this would be a perfect time to get the Triforce by following Link into the Sacred Realm.  So, he did.  However, Link was still able to get the Master Sword.  Even so, Link, at the age of eleven, was much too young to use the Master Sword and earning the title, Hero of Time.  His body was preserved in the Temple of Time for seven years.  When Link was free, Rauru told Link that he was too young, and the Master Sword had kept him in the Temple of Time.  Link was turned into an adult, and was able to defeat Ganondorf.
     However, during the seven years that Link was sealed in, Ganondorf had taken over Hyrule with evil.  The Temples had all been taken over by evil, too.  The new Sages came to help, but they were trapped in the temples, and could not use the Medallions.  Link, with his courage, was able to save the Sages and get the Medallions. When Link had saved all the Sages, Princess Zelda had told him exactly what had happened to the land of Hyrule. When Ganondorf had used the Triforce, the Triforce had split into three parts: Power, Wisdom, and Courage.  Ganondorf, with his craving for power, had received the Triforce of Power.  Zelda, with her knowledge of the ancient songs and legends of Hyrule, had the Triforce of Wisdom.  And, Link, with his valiant courage, had the Triforce of Courage.  With this in his mind, he knew his destiny.  He must go and defeat Ganondorf, and with the Sages help, seal him away in the Evil Realm.
     Link did this mammoth task, along with the Sages' help.  Ganondorf was sealed away in the Evil Realm...with the Triforce of Power still in his hand.  Thus, he could not be destroyed without losing the Triforce of Power forever.  Then, Hyrule went back to a golden age of peace and prosperity.
     Link knew that he could not stay in the future, so he returned the Master Sword to the Temple of Time, and when he did, became a kid again by traveling seven years into the past.  He closed the Door of Time, and gave the Ocarina of Time back to Princess Zelda.  Link was then able to live a normal life as a Hylian, but occasionally returned to the Kokiri Forest, Goron City, and Zora's Domain to meet some of his old friends.  Link was the true Hero of Hyrule, born once every 100 years.
     You see, Link was originally a Kokiri, and all Kokiri had fairies.  When Link had taken his place among the Heroes, he had to split up with his fairy, Navi.  He decided that  he would go and look for her.  He did, but he had encountered a mischievous and masked Skull Kid along the way.  The Skull Kid had two faries with him: Tatl and Tael, two sibling faries.  This Skull Kid had stolen his Ocarina of Time from him, and had stolen his horse, too.  Link had chased after him blindly, and wound up in a totally different part of Hyrule.  He found himself in a place called Termina, where the moon is about to fall due to the powers of the Skull Kid.  Link had saved the Skull Kid from the mask, Majora's Mask, that was controlling him.  He had also prevented the moon from falling onto Termina, and had found the way back to Hylia.
     Soon after the whole Ocarina of Time/Termina ordeal, Hyrule went through a massive earthquake.  Every town, area, and landmark was moved, new places were created, some places were destroyed.  The five Temples were destroyed.  The old Temple of Time was destroyed, and the Sanctuary was built in its wake.
     Due to the Temple of Time's destruction, the Master Sword had to be moved to another hiding place.  This time, the Sages chose the Lost Woods.  It rested in a great stone podium.  On the podium, there was an inscription in the Ancient Hylian language.  It read:

The Hero will come on Cataclysm's Eve,
bearing three symbols of virtue.
The Master Sword he will then retrieve,
keeping the knights line true.

     The three symbols of virtue are the Three Pendants of Virtue.  There are three; the Pendant of Courage, the Pendant of Power, and the Pendant of Wisdom.  They were three necklaces with a magical jewel.  The magical jewel held a special power inside; either Courage, Power, or Wisdom.
     Because the five temples of Hyrule past were destroyed, the three new temples were formed to protect the Pendants of Virtue, one of the keys to the Master Sword.  They were created by the Seven Sages.  They each had a Pendant of Virtue in them.  They also had a Guardian, who would give the Pendant to the one who would save Hyrule.  However, if evil took over the palace, the Guardian would also become evil.
     The new temples were the Eastern Palace (to the far east of Hyrule), the Desert Palace (in the heart of the Great Desert), and the Tower of Hera (placed on the peak of Death Mountain).  They were much bigger than the five Temples.
     The Spiritual Stones were transformed into the Three Pendants of Virtue.  Rauru (now known as Sahasrala) put one Pendant each in one of the temples.  The Kokiri's Emerald was turned into the Pendant of Courage, the Goron's Ruby was turned into the Pendant of Power, and the Zora's Sapphire turned into the Pendant of Wisdom.  By doing this, their power was increased.  When someone wore them, their own power was increased three-fold.
     However, the peace that lasted for many years was to be shattered.  A master thief trained in the magical arts, Ganondorf (the reincarnation of the previous Ganondorf), had found a Warp Platform, which led into the Golden Land, and had gotten to the Triforce.  He had wished to take over Hyrule and conquer it with evil.  His wish was granted; thus, the Golden Land became the Dark World, now known as the Evil Realm.  However, as soon as he had entered the Golden Land, he was transformed into a monster.  The power of the Triforce has the ability to transform you to what is in your heart.  If you have evil and negative emotions, you will be transformed into a monster.  However, if you have good emotions, you will stay your current shape.  It is also said that the Moon's Pearl will protect you from this, but that is only a legend.
     When Ganondorf got his wish, the world of Hyrule has taken over by dark forces.  Evil had spread everywhere.  The main source of all this evil was coming from the Dark World.  However, all of the knights in Hyrule, magic or normal, had fought to seal the evil, including Ganondorf, into the Dark World once and for all.  The Seven Sages created a seal to block the evil coming from the Dark World, trapping all evil and Ganondorf inside.  This was the Imprisoning War, named because it was a valiant effort to imprison all evil in the Dark World.
     Ganondorf, however, had a "friend."  His name was Agahnim, an evil sorcerer.  Because Ganondorf couldn't get back to Hyrule, he sent Agahnim there to do his dirty work.  Agahnim knew of a way to break the seal of the Seven Sages (now known as the Wise Men), and he did it.  He had to use his evil magic to send the descendants of the seven Wise Men to the Dark World to beak the seal.  Princess Zelda was one of them.  He did it, and Ganondorf's evil powers and minions spread across Hyrule.  He did so, but Link (the reincarnation) had retrieved the Master sword, and had foiled his plans.  Link had also found a Warp Platform, and had saved the descendants of the Seven Wise Men.  He had also destroyed Ganondorf, and got the Triforce.  He had wished for everything to return to normal, and his wish came true.  When they returned, the newly crowned Queen Zelda made Link the master of the knights.  Link had returned the Master Sword back to its place in the Lost Woods, never to use it again.
     During the peaceful years that Hyrule went through, Link decided to hone his skills on a vacation to another land.  He went out to sea for a few months, do train harder and become a master Hero.  When he was finished, he went back to Hyrule.  However, on the way back, Link got caught in a fierce storm, and was on a stranded island.  He was found by Marin, a local of the island.  The island's name was Kolohint Island, a mysterious island with a large egg on the highest mountain.  To get off the island, he had to wake the Wind Fish, who was asleep inside the egg.  To wake it, he needed the Eight Instruments of the Sirens.  But what was the song to be played with the Sirens?  Marin had created the Ballad of the Wind Fish, so he decided to try that.  When he played it, he egg cracked open, and Link stepped inside.  There, nine of his "worst nightmares" had tried to prevent him from waking the Wind Fish, but they fell down one by one.  He then awakened the Wind Fish, and he found out that Kolohint Island was a dream, and he woke up alone on a part of his ship out at sea.  He went back to Hyrule, never to do that again!  However, due to the magic of the Wind Fish, the whole quest was partially clouded in his mind, so he didn't know if Kolohint Island was real, or a parallel universe, or just a dream.  Some people still search for this island, but no one ever finds it.
     He went through the rest of his vacation in Hyrule.  However, Ganondorf had escaped the Evil Realm and had kidnapped Princess Zelda.  He was after the Triforce of Wisdom that Zelda held, and the Triforce of Courage that Link held.  He knew he had to rescue the princess and destroy Ganondorf once and for all.  Needless to say, his vacation was cut short.  However, Zelda had broken her Triforce of Wisdom into eight pieces.  This was good, as Ganondorf couldn't get them.  Link had pulled the Master Sword from its pedestal, and had used it on his quest.  Link found all of the Triforce of Wisdom pieces, and used it along with his Triforce of Courage to defeat Ganondorf.  Ganondorf, instead of being defeated, was sealed back inside the Evil Realm with a powerful seal that only the Goddesses could break.  However, Ganondorf did not have the Triforce of Power anymore...
     After he saved the Princess, and sealed Ganondorf back in the Evil Realm, Link went back to his home in Hyrule Field.  One day, the back of his left hand began to have the Triforce mark on it yet again, and he became worried.  He went to see Impa, Princess Zelda's nanny, to talk about it.  When she looked at it, she was astonished.  She led him into the north castle, and to a door that read ,"The door that does not open."  Impa, a Sheikah, knew how to open the door.  She took the back of Link's left hand and pressed it against the door.  The door opened with a hiss, and there was a maiden inside.  Impa explained that long ago, there was a king of Hyrule.  He used the Triforce to bring Hyrule to a golden age of prosperity, but he died.  Naturally, the prince should have gotten the Triforce and become king, but he could only inherit one part of the Triforce.  He searched for the other two Triforce parts, but to no avail.  Only the Princess, the first Zelda, knew where they were.  A sorcerer wanted to know were they were, but she refused to talk.  So, in anger, the sorcerer put Zelda into an enchanted sleep.  The prince tried to stop him, but it was too late.  The sorcerer had already died.  So, in grief, the Prince's order of Hyrule is that every female born into the royal family is to be named Zelda.  There was a way to wake her up, and that was only by using the Triforce.  Two of the Triforce pieces, Courage and Wisdom, were in Hyrule, somewhere.  The Triforce of Power was hidden in a desolate region of Hyrule: the Valley of Death, Ikana.  So, Link naturally got the Triforce of Power, rejoined the Triforce pieces, and used the Triforce to wake Princess Zelda up.  When she did, she knew that a boy named Link would save her, because the previous Link had saved her from the first Ganondorf.
    For some unknown reason, the Triforce had disappeared from the Sacred Realm.  Link was traveling on Epona one day, and before he knew it, he was following a strange feeling, and it led him to Hyrule Castle.  He kept following this feeling, and it had led him to a secret passage, in which the Triforce was.  As he got close to the Triforce, the Triforce told him to save another land.  Link was then teleported to Labrynna, a land far off from Hyrule.  Here, the Oracle of Ages lived.  Her name was Nayru.  Link had led Impa, Zelda's nanny, to her.  However, Impa was possessed by Veran.  Veran was an evil sorceress.  She then left Impa to possess Nayru, which she did.  As the Oracle of Ages, Nayru had the power to traverse time and open Time Portals.  Veran did this to go to the past in order to use the Black Tower to lead Labrynna to an Age of Darkness.  During his quest, he had found the Treasure of the Oracle of Ages, the Harp of Ages.  This Harp had allowed him to open Time Portals and transverse time freely.  This power was unlocked by playing three special songs: the Tune of Echoes (which opened Time Portals), the Tune of Currents (which allows one to return to their own time, or Age), and the Tune of Ages (which allows you to transverse time freely).  The Harp had given Link the power as a "false" Oracle of Ages as well as the power to stop Veran.  Link had stopped Veran, and had saved Nayru.  Link was then teleported back to Hylia, as his quest was over.
     A few weeks after that, Link went back to Hyrule Castle because he was following another strange feeling while riding Epona.  He went back to that secret room with the Triforce in it.  Again, the Triforce sent him on another quest.  This time, to the far off land of Holodrum.  A troupe of entertainers, along with Impa (not possessed!) were in a meadow where Link had appeared.  The main dancer, Din, took care of Link.  As Link was dancing with Din, an evil force, known as Onox, had kidnapped Din, flung the mem  Þbers of the troupe all over Holodrum, and had hurt Link.  Din was the Oracle of Seasons, so she could control the seasons like Nayru could control time.  But, because Onox had kidnapped her, the Temple of the Seasons had fallen into the underworld of Subrosia, and the seasons had fallen into chaos.  During his quest, he had found the Treasure of the Oracle of Seasons, the Rod of Four Seasons.  With this Rod, he was able to change the seasons at will.  To do this, he had to gather the four Essences of the Seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring.  The power was concealed inside a colored medallion, which fits into the Rod of Four Seasons.  These medallions, when put inside the Rod of Four Seasons, had powered up the Rod of Four Seasons to control that season.  Furthermore, this Rod had enabled him to be the the false Oracle of Seasons, and the power to defeat Onox.  Link was able to save Din, defeat Onox, and bring the Temple of the Seasons back up into Holodrum.  Link was then returned to Hylia.  Link was then able to stop having those strange feelings and was able to rest for a while.
     However, Onox and Veran did not die in vain in the eyes of Koume and Kotake.  These witches were the evil Twinrova Sisters, and they had wanted to bring back Ganon.  They had brought Onox and Veran from the Evil Realm to bring back the Evil King.  They did, but in a very indirect way.  Onox had thrown the seasons into chaos, and caused mass destruction.  Before Link had killed him, Onox had lit the Flame of Destruction because of his destruction in Hyrule.  Before Link had killed Veran, her efforts had lit the Flame of Sorrow, because she brought sorrow to the world of Hyrule.  Even so, with these two flames lit, they still had one flame to light: the Flame of Despair.  To do this, they had to offer up the Holy Sacrifice.  The Twinrova Sisters had their eye on Princess Zelda.  They had kidnapped her, and thus had lit the Flame of Despair.  Link wanted to rescue Princess Zelda, but he had no means of getting to the Room of Rites, the place where Zelda was to be sacrificed.  Because the two Oracles, Din and Nayru, were in Link's debt, they created a warp to the Room of Rites with the power of Nature and Time.  Link had then defeated the Twinrova Sisters.  However, the Twinrova sisters had then decided to sacrifice their own body to resurrect Ganon.  Link had killed Ganon and had rescued Princess Zelda.  He then went back to Hyrule, and everyone had greeted them.  So, Link was able to finally rest in Hyrule, as all the evil in the whole world of Hyrule was finally vanquished once and for all.
     The economy is Hyrule is one of the main reasons it flourishes.  The currency in Hyrule is the Rupee.  There are different kinds of Rupees.  Green ones are worth one Rupee, blue ones are worth five Rupees, red ones are worth 20 Rupees, purple ones are worth 50 Rupees, silver ones are worth 100 Rupees, and gold ones are worth 200 Rupees.  This is the same thing as the difference between $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills.  Every race in Hyrule is well doing economy-wise, because each has their own special product.  The Kokiri have Deku items (Deku nuts, Deku sticks, Deku shields, Arrows), the Gorons have the Goron Tunic and the Bombs, the Zora have fish and the Zora Tunic, the Gerudos just steal, the Sheikah have potions and magical items, the Hylians have Hero equipment (Hylian Shield, Arrows, Potions, ect.), the Deku copy the Kokiri on selling Deku items, but they usually keep to themselves and aren't very social.  The Tokay trade for items as well as sell them, and the Subrosians sell shovels and other blacksmith equipment, as well as mine for Ore Chunks, the currency in Subrosia.  Subrosians only use Ore Chunks for money, so Rupees there are completely worthless there.
     Hyrule is only one of the many countries on the Hylian world.  Hyrule's real name is actually Hylia.  The name Hyrule was created to include the land outside of Hylia.  Even though many parts of the Hylian world are still unexplored, many countries have been founded and inhabited.  Across the world from Hylia, there is a country called Termina.  At the South Pole, there is Takansuu where nothing lives.  East of Hylia, there is a possibility of a dream island called Kolohint Island.  Far away from Hylia are Labrynna and Holodrum.  They are across the world from each other.  West of Hylia is Gamelon.  Directly north of Hylia is Sukinta.  Hylians from Hylia went off traveling and had formed the countries of Termia, Labrynna, Holodrum, Gamelon, Sukinta, and possibly Kolohint Island.  That is why the people living in those countries are referred to as Hylians.  Hyrule is just as mundane as Earth, and almost the same geography.  Hyrule is just like Earth, because the gravitational pull, the air pressure, and the weather is all the same.  There is a rumor that far out at sea, away from any country in Hyrule, there is a mystical kingdom.  No one knows for sure if this land exists, because many seafaring people who left for there never came back.  People also search for the mysterious Kolohint Island, but sadly, no one ever finds it.  Also, there is another world which is linked to Hyrule.  This world is known as Subrosia, where the Subrosians live.  Some people speculate that this world is actually the underworld of Hyrule, but you can only get there by special warp circles.  This world is full of fire, lava, and other things only found in the fiery bowels of the earth.
     The main language of Hyrule is the same language worldwide: Hylian.  Most people, like in Termina and Hylia, speak it natively.  But other people, like in Subrosia and parts of Labrynna, speak it as a second language.  There are many dialects and changes in the text depending on where you go in Hyrule, of course.  Hylian is also basically written the same way.  However, every race (with the exception of the Kokiri race) has their own native language, both oral and written.  There are many races of Hyrule.  They are the Hylian, the Kokiri, the Deku, the Goron, the Zora, the Gerudo, the Sheikah, the Tokay, and the Subrosians.   The Hylian language has evolved little since it was created.  First it was Proto-Hylian.  This was before the true Hylian language, when small individual tribes spoke their own language.  However, most of the tribes from different races spoke the same language.  This language was oral, and was just a  means of communication, nothing more.There was no written form of Proto-Hylian.  Then, it was Ancient Hylian.  This version of Hylian was a basic formation of all tribal languages, due to the fact that they had all combined into a kingdom.  It was not really a kingdom, but it had a king, advisors, and the chiefs of the individual tribes.  Ancient Hylian had a written form of language.  However, it was just ideograms and hieroglyphics.  The characters represented ideas, not phonetic sounds.  Soon after, Ancient evolved greatly into Old Hylian.  Now, phonetic letters replaced ideograms, so that the characters represented sounds and not ideas.  This was the standard language of Hylia long ago.  This language was generally not spoken outside of Hylia.  For about a thousand years, Hylia was the main country because of its economic power and it was also the main place for diplomatic missions.  Old Hylian then became Middle Hylian.  Middle Hylian was evolving even more, as it developed the Modern Hylian Alphabet used today.  Now, regions outside of Hylia soon used Hylian as their own language.  A Hylian Renaissance went on during this time frame.  This only advanced the Hylian Language more.  Once the name of Hylia became Hyrule to include the areas outside of Hylia, Middle Hylian was turned into Modern Hylian.  All countries speak Modern Hylian now.  The languages from other tribes inside and outside of Hylia had helped form Hylian.  However, depending on where you go, the Hylian language can be different in words and other things, but they are usually very subtle.
     The central government of Hylia, Hylian Termia, Hylian Labrynna, Hylian Holodrum, Hylian Sukinta, and Hylian Gamelon is a monarchic government.  In Hyrule Castle, there is a king who has influence over the entire world of Hyrule.  He also has influence on the tribes of Hyrule.  However, Hylians in most other countries have a democracy that is influenced by the monarchy.  The Kokiri also have a monarchic system of government, with Mido as their king, although he isn't exactly a king.  The Deku tribe also have a monarchic system of government, as well as the Gorons.  The Zoras of Hylia have a monarchic government, but most other Zoras of the world are a democracy, with no definite leader.  The Sheikah are also a democratic society, with no definite leader.  However, as the Sheikahs have died out, this is only a guess.  The Gerudos have a monarchic system of government as well, with the male Gerudo born every 100 years their king.  The other Gerudos have a leader, and they don't necessarily follow the orders of the Gerudo King, so they are also considered monarchic.  The Tokay are a representative democracy due to their choosing of the high chief.  The Subrosians are a democratic society and have no definite leader.  Thus, most of Hyrule's tribes have a monarchic government.  5.5 out of the 9 tribes are a monarchy (the .5 is for the Hylian Zoras), 2.5 out of the 9 tribes are a democratic society (the .5 is for the Zoras outside of Hylia), and 1 out of the 9 tribes is a representative democracy.
     No matter how confusing some mysteries in Hyrule are, none is so far beyond our comprehension than the Book of Mudora.  It is a book of prophesies and laws of Hyrule, written by the Seven Sages themselves.  One passage tells of the Sacred Realm:

In a realm beyond sight,
where the sky shines gold, not blue,
there, the Triforce's might
makes mortal dreams come true.

It is a very confusing book indeed.  Another passage tells of the creation of Hyrule:

In the beginning amidst the darkness of eternal space, from a
distant nebula three goddesses descended upon a formless chaotic
waste of a world. Din, the goddess of power, forged the mountains
and great plains from the fiery bowels of desolation and separated
the waters of the sky and between the land. Farore engendered living
intelligence upon the land with many creature of varied kind, male and
female they were. Nayru with wisdom brought the order of law and
harmony upon nature and set into motion the everlasting cycle of
birth, life, death, and afterlife and these three created the unification
of cosmic balance. Before these beautiful goddesses traveled onward to
create anew their master work they bestowed a manifestation of their
essence within a mighty artifact called the Triforce, a object that
would be sought by many and attained by only one. The Triforce
took its place within it's heavenly annex within a Sacred Realm where
the spirits roam free. And so began the land, and people, of Hyrule.

    And another on how to defeat the evil one who gets the Triforce:

He who corrupts the Land of Gold
shall fall to the shaft of the Enchanted Arrow of Silver.

     The Book of Mudora is very old, and very cryptic.  There are many parts to the Book, and is very magical.  The Sages had blessed it so that when a great event has occurred in Hyrule, that new chapter will be written in the Book.  It is basically no more than the genesis of Hyrule.
     In addition to the history written in the Book,  it also can translate ancient Hylian runes, monoliths, and ancient scrolls lost during the flow of time and social decay.  Also, it explains what some ancient terms used in Hyrule are, like Cataclysm's Eve.
     The Book is divided into parts, which is divided into chapters.  The first part is called Part I: The Land of Hyrule. The main and largest chapter in this part is called Chapter I: The Creation.  It explains about the creation of Hyrule by the three Goddesses.  Then, it is Chapter II: The Seven Sages.  It explains about the Seven Sages of Hyrule, and what they did.  Then, it is Chapter III: The Great Hylian War.  It explains about the first war between the peoples of Hyrule on false claims.  Then, it is Chapter IV: The Ocarina of Time Ordeal.  It explains about the whole dilemma during Ganondorf's quest for the Triforce, and LinkÕs quest to stop him.  Then, there is Chapter V: The Great Earthquake.  This chapter explains how the earthquake happened, and how the landscape of Hyrule changed dramatically.  Chapter VI: The Imprisoning War explains how Ganondorf had escaped the Dark World, letting loose all that was evil in Hyrule, and the battles fought to keep it in the Dark World.  The second part is called Part II: The Golden Land.  It was divided up into four chapters.  Chapter I: The Golden Land explains about the Golden Land, where it is located, and how to get there.  Chapter II: The Power of Gold explains about the Triforce, and what it was created for.  Chapter III: The Laws of the Gods explained how the Triforce could be used in various ways, and what could happen to the Triforce itself.  Chapter IV: The Creatures explained who could use the Triforce properly, and what would happen to it if it wasn't.  The third part is called Part III: The Hero.  It only had two chapters in it.  Chapter I: The Rebirth of the Hero explains about how the Hero was born, and who it could be.  Chapter II: The Destiny explains the crucial destiny of all Heroes: to save Hyrule.  The Book had many prophesies strewn about it, in no particular order.  These are only three of the many Parts of the Book of Mudora.
     Hyrule is a wonderful place.  The three goddesses created the world of Hyrule and the nine races that inhabit it.  They left portions of their power, the Triforce, in the Sacred Realm.  The world of Hyrule has many countries or regions, inhabited with many and diverse races.  The goddesses created a Hero born every 100 years to battle the evil that arises at that time.  The government and language of Hyrule is very diverse, just as diverse as Earth.  There are many unsolved mysteries, such as the Book of Mudora, that can never be solved.  In Hyrule, there is magic and science.  Hyrule has a great and everlasting economy.  Hyrule also has a very developed language with ancient roots.  So, in conclusion, Hyrule is a perfect world.

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