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Theories about the Zelda Timeline

By: Noel Shackelford

    There is a power even stronger than the Triforce-the balance between Light and Dark. When disrupted, many worlds are thrown off kilter. The goddesses
control this balance, making sure that it doesn't go off balance so far that the worlds are destroyed. Then, they gave a young boy the responsibility to carry out the gods' actions of restoring the balance.

    When evil is vanquished in one realm, another evil springs up in another realm to fill the void created by its absence. Being the Hero of Time, the Triforce, and all realms, he is bound by magic to correct the imbalance. The first was created when the Mask of Majora was created. It was that that ended the wars in Hyrule. The balance of evil shifted to this world, the seeds planted in the child Gannondorf. Since the warp in time makes it so that three days are almost a hundred years, the mask went dormant on the day Gannon got the Triforce. That was the moment it fully shifted. When Link pulled the Master Sword, he made his magical bonds to all the worlds complete. After finally trapping Gannon, the balance shifted. The balance shifted back to Termina. However, since the evil wasn't destroyed, the portion left formed a gate to move the rest into the world of Termina. It was because of his magical bond that the gate opened so near to him. His bond instinctivly led him to try to correct as much as possible the damage done. Link destroyed the mask, but something led him to keep correcting. He fixed the time warp that sped up time in the world Link just left. His desire to go home overrode the bond, and he entered back into the realm of Hylia. Link opened the gate to go home. Doing that ripped open the barrier holding the blackness in check that was formed when he fixed their problems. A large portion settled on the island of Koholint, disturbing the dreams of the Wind Fish, and its want to escape them sent the Island into the Hylian sea. Link returned, and the blackness went into the Hylian realm. Link settled in the house of his uncle from long ago, for the magical bond had resurfaced. He was there only a little while, then the events happend. The blackness concentrated on the Wizard Agahnim, pawn of Gannon, and the dark side of Link that was pulled out of him when the barrier that balanced the Dark and Light for the first time since the beginning of time was torn down. Link fought through the Hylian world, and got the Master Sword once again. He fought through the Dark World, and dispelled the dark spirit of Link before he could get a look at him from underneath the magic robes. He defeated Gannon in the Dark Realm, and the darkness was sent again into the Light World. However, this time it was dormant for a long period of time. He settled down, then the power acted up again. Link rescued the elderly Impa, and Link had to set out to find Zelda again on Impa's advisory. He had managed to get into the Light World, and Link struck him with a silver arrow, and banished him to an unknown realm. Link feels that he had secured him once and for all, because his bond gives him the sensation that the power had balanced out, when in fact it had embedded itself in the spirit Agahnim. Link had only walked in the door of his house to get a well deservered rest, when disaster strikes not far away. He goes and begins to correct the problems, and crosses the Hylian sea. His bond leads him straight to the island of Koholint, and he meets Marin, the twin of the Zelda he had met long ago before these adventures took place. He fell in love, but his instinct was stonger than ever. He left her, and fixed the problems, and left. Upon leaving, the Wind Fish took his island home back to the world of Termina, and Link continued his search. He soon found the concentration of blackness: himself. He fought with his dark side, and soon destroyed it, sending back out the power. Then, his feelings came back to the surface, causing himself to be overwhelmed by tears. He then realizes that Gannon hadn't been trapped like he thought. He got back to the forest, and searched for weeks for the warp to Termina. He finds it, and goes back into the healed land. He searches for more weeks, and finds her. He brings her back, and finds himself drawn to the Triforce, which has been liberated from Gannon. Link went into the Golden Land, and went into the castle of the Triforce. He approaches it, and before he could touch it, the three pieces transport Link into a world made of three multi-crossed worlds. Link has to correct all the problems of this unique world to return. He begins his new quest, his only thoughts are of Marin at home.

    About the multi-Link theroy: That is like saying that there was more than one Triforce! Link is as well-known as those triangles, and to say there is more than one Link is to say that there is more than one Triforce. I saw on the Ice Zelda Central website there timeline. There are almost some thirty Links! I almost wanted to stop playing the game because of that. But, I am not! If Nintendo themselves had said there was more than one Hero of Time, then I would stop playing.

Food for thought,

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