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Official Mascot

  Yeah, I'm sure you're wondering "This site has a mascot? Weird..." But don't think that. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a sort of obsession with my dog Buffy. So I thought the best way to make her famous was to make her the official mascot of my site. So, read forth if you dare, to see the glory that is Buffy.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Also known as: Bufaroo, the Buffinator, Buffalo Girl, Puppy Wuppy, Mommy's Little Baby, Dog, Buffers, and Buffy Wuffy Woofums.

Now it's time to see the pictures of the cutest little puppy in the whole world. Her face will just melt your heart. Well, at least that's my opinion. She looks cute and playful, but she tends to be really mean to strangers. Especially the mailman. She's very territorial, but she's perfectly nice when she's not at home or in the car.

This is Buffy wondering what the heck that little box is on my face. My mom is sitting to the right and the dog is looking at her for some kind of advice. She never gets any.

Here she is right after the cushion fell on her. Once again, she's curious about the camera.

This is Buffy when she wants a belly rub. She likes belly rubs. When I give her a belly rub she makes this really weird grunting noise that's like a dog equivalent of purring.

This is Buffy after she's been through her normal morning ritual: hunting for dirty socks. Every single day, she rummages through the house and snatches any sock (or as we call it, "sockie") that happens to be lying around. She'll play with them for a while and show them off to us (she is always very proud of her accomplishment) then she takes them under the bed, where they won't be seen again for weeks. After we begin to notice that a whole bunch of socks are missing, we go under the bed and get all the ones she took under there. We usually find six or seven pairs.

Another shot of Buffy with a sock. Sometimes she puts two or three in her mouth at the same time, but this was a light day.

I think I interrupted her nap for this one. She's probably thinking, "What does he want now?"

She's just putting up with me for this one. This picture was taken on my brother's disgusting bed.

Here she is pouting about something. Probably because she didn't get the "bacon" I promised ("bacon" is the universal word for food).

Here she is giving me a cock-eyed look. I get that a lot.

My mom is just out of the picture and she has some food. Buffy is trying to talk us into giving her some.

Here she is trying to look cute so she can get that food. You can see my mom's toes in the upper left.

Here is Buffy sitting in her chair. I'm serious when I say her chair. This is where she spends most of the day. Nobody else sits in this chair, just the dog.

Here is Buffy with her two favorite stuffed animals, or "babies". The little brown one is a hedgehog and the white one is a bunny. Sometimes she would put the bunny in her mouth and just sit in the middle of the floor. If you walk up to her, she'll let out a growl that turns into a whine. We call this her "baby mode".

Here's the dog looking at my mom while she's eating. The good thing about having a dog is never having to pre-rinse plates before putting them in the dishwasher. We just set them on the floor, she licks them, and we put them in the dishwasher (I'm totally serious).

And here's buffy sitting underneath a chair. She likes to spend a lot of time under things. Her two favorite places are under the bed and under the couch, and she can barely fit.

Buffy MP3

Yes, I even made an MP3 of my dog. It is a recording of her begging for a piece of pepperoni. It is totally real and completely unedited. If you listen closely, you can hear her say "mama" about 13 seconds into the recording. It's really funny, I guarantee it. Click here to download, 362 KB.

Buffy's Vocabulary

Believe it or not, my dog has a very vast vocabulary. She can understand the meaning of many everyday words. She's even bilingual, I'm teaching her the Spanish equivalents of some words. Too bad she can't talk, but sometimes she thinks she can. I swear that she is the only creature on the planet that can talk back without actually making a sound.

Bacon: The first word she learned. It's the universal word for food. For a while, I was worried that she might have thought "bacon" was her name.

Tocino: The Spanish word for "bacon". One day I was in the kitchen dangling a pice of cheese and I said "Buffy, tocino!" She was on the couch sitting next to my mom and she gave me a strange look. Then my mom said, "Buffy, that means bacon." She came running and now she knows what it means.

Buffy: Well, duh. It's her name.

Dog, the dog: Yes, she's knows what a dog is, and she's it. Whenever we say "dog" her ears go up and she looks at us.

Mommy, mama: I'm sure you can probably guess who this is referring to.

Bubba: What we call my brother. We say "Go get Bubba" and she runs over to him,

Mailman: Her arch-enemy. If she's hiding somewhere we can say "Buffy! It's the mailman!" and she comes running like a bat out of hell.

Baby: What we call her stuffed animals. She has about twenty, but she only plays with two.

Squirrel: The furry little rodent that lives in trees. Whenever we say "squirrel" she looks up.

Mouse: Refers to any other animal that runs along the ground. We had a mouse in our garage once and she hunted it down and killed it. She would've eaten it if I hadn't made her spit it out.

Bye-bye: What she loves to do. It means going for a ride in the car. "Wanna go bye-bye?"

Park: Her favorite place. Usually used in conjunction with "bye-bye".

Molly: My uncle's evil, hell-spawn cat. It growls at everything, yes I didn't think cats could growl either.

Pipi: The obnoxious chihuauhua that used to live next door to us. It's only ability was barking. Whenever she went outside, we would always say "Go get Pipi!"

Outside: Where she wants to go whenver we don't want to let her out.

Sockie: Look above for a picture of Buffy with a "sockie" in her mouth. She just likes to show them off. It's so adorable when she has a sock in her mouth.

Lay down: What she has to do when she's bad and tries to run off in the park. She usually listens.

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