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Oracle Art
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Logo for Oracle of Seasons.
707 pixels 810 pixels
147 kilobytes
Logo for Oracle of Ages.
700 pixels 743 pixels
146 kilobytes
Official American box art for Oracle of Ages
350 351 pixels
45 kilobytes
Official American box art for Oracle of Seasons
350 351 pixels
45 kilobytes
The Maku Tree. Looks like a cheap knock-off of the good old Deku Tree.
425 pixels 559 pixels
27 kilobytes
Another pic of the Maku Tree. At least I think it's the same tree. I was never good with intelligent plants.
518 pixels 429 pixels
35 kilobytes
The Maku Tree as a baby. How adorable. Almost makes you want whip out the ol' Roundup sprayer.
453 pixels 544 pixels
35 kilobytes
Nayru, probably not the goddess.
514 pixels 887 pixels
72 kilobytes
It's that crazy guy with the music-making-thingy.
356 pixels 711 pixels
42 kilobytes
Some kind of weird flying monster.
565 pixels 391 pixels
47 kilobytes
Some guy trying to get his cat Mittens out of a tree.
375 pixels 495 pixels
29 kilobytes
Two farmers and their baby.
477 pixels 765 pixels
57 kilobytes
Skeleton pirates.
439 pixels 610 pixels
46 kilobytes
Our good friends Malon and Talon.
620 pixels 622 pixels
66 kilobytes
The Zora king and his lackeys.
262 pixels 200 pixels
15 kilobytes
Link looking a little distressed while swimming.
500 pixels 349 pixels
45 kilobytes
Link slashing his sword.
204 pixels 253 pixels
11 kilobytes
I think this guy's name is Ralph, but don't quote me on that. He looks cool, though.
237 pixels 323 pixels
14 kilobytes
Shibaru. I don't know what he does, but he has weird hair.
144 pixels 323 pixels
9 kilobytes
Some shopkeeper. I wonder if he has one of those Gizmo animals from Gremlins.
157 pixels 322 pixels
10 kilobytes
Sokura, I think he might be a rock star.
389 pixels 543 pixels
30 kilobytes
The mayor of some town.
405 pixels 590 pixels
41 kilobytes
Some woman who looks kinda weird.
289 pixels 472 pixels
28 kilobytes
Link riding some kind of dinosaur.
522 pixels 449 pixels
45 kilobytes
Our old friend Tingle from Majora's Mask.
442 pixels 644 pixels
35 kilobytes
My guess would be that this guy makes clocks.
441 pixels 477 pixels
34 kilobytes
Link getting ready to let an acorn fly (that's a funny looking acorn)
800 pixels 992 pixels
101 kilobytes
Link jumping over a hole.
800 pixels 980 pixels
119 kilobytes
Link deflecting a rock with his trusty shield.
800 pixels 1050 pixels
122 kilobytes
A hideous witch... All hail Macbeth... (English joke)
523 pixels 737 pixels
69 kilobytes
This is Din the dancer, not to be confused with the goddess.
434 pixels 542 pixels
46 kilobytes
Some kind of Iron Knuckle type thing.
160 pixels 198 pixels
9 kilobytes
Link riding in Ricky-the-Kangaroo's pouch. He wouldn't do that if he knew how much mucous there was in a pouch in real life.
483 pixels 554 pixels
43 kilobytes
Link wielding one of those rods.
160 pixels 256 pixels
9 kilobytes
I think her name is Maple.
110 pixels 180 pixels
4 kilobytes
Link and the mysterious Ulra people.
1056 pixels 490 pixels
61 kilobytes