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Majora's Mask Art
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The box to the American version of Majora's Mask. Totally psychedelic, man. 
849 pixels 573 pixels
72 kilobytes
Kafei without his mask. 
335 pixels 677 pixels
47 kilobytes
The very big, very scary Fierce Deity Link.
630 pixels 937 pixels
70 kilobytes
One of the Bomber Gang kids. Lousy juvenile delinquents.
302 pixels 607 pixels
41 kilobytes
Twinmold, the gigantic worm.
753 pixels 533 pixels
75 kilobytes
Gyorg, I really, really hate this fish.
674 pixels 665 pixels
75 kilobytes
Ghot, the robotic bull. What a robotic bull is doing in a Zelda game is a mystery.
656 pixels 582 pixels
58 kilobytes
A sweet little Dodongo just waiting to eat a bomb.
696 pixels 527 pixels
64 kilobytes
The Deku Scrub royal family.
734 pixels 517 pixels
103 kilobytes
A ferocious Deku Baba, reminiscent of Little Shop of Horrors... "Feed me!"
587 pixels 548 pixels
64 kilobytes
The cute widdle baby Goron.
434 pixels 575 pixels
42 kilobytes
The fierce Goron warrior Darmani (he's really a kid at heart).
384 pixels 619 pixels
42 kilobytes
This is what happens when you do drugs: you turn into a gibdo.
434 pixels 750 pixels
47 kilobytes
The Methuselan Goron elder. He looks good for his age.
480 pixels 553 pixels
54 kilobytes
The Iron Knuckle. One of my favorites.
452 pixels 647 pixels
51 kilobytes
The ever-dedicated postman. By the look on his face, he must've met my dog.
410 pixels 747 pixels
41 kilobytes
Majora's Mask.
690 pixels 633 pixels
53 kilobytes
The annoying owl that luckily doesn't actually appear in the game. Why is he here? Maybe when we come up with a grand unified theory for quantum mechanincs, then we'll know.
405 pixels 560 pixels
44 kilobytes
Skull Kid wearing Majora's Mask.
415 pixels 749 pixels
64 kilobytes
One of those giant Skulltula things.
409 pixels 659 pixels
39 kilobytes
Mayor Dotour.
467 pixels 591 pixels
52 kilobytes
Madame Aroma, who should not be wearing a dress like that.
405 pixels 630 pixels
41 kilobytes
Ahhhh! A Redead!
376 pixels 657 pixels
36 kilobytes
A tektite, the four-legged arachnid.
796 pixels 483 pixels
60 kilobytes
Those Stalchild army guys.
797 pixels 539 pixels
67 kilobytes
This is Anju, the lady who runs the Stockpot Inn. She also looks srikingly familiar to the Cucco lady in Z64. Coincidence? I think not.
291 pixels 847 pixels
31 kilobytes
The boss of the first dungeon, I forget what his name is. I think it start with an "O".
598 pixels 1012 pixels
59 kilobytes
The Goron tribe. The old one is really ugly, but the little baby is so cuuuuute. 
703 pixels 532 pixels
38 kilobytes
Little Link swiping his sword.
674 pixels 914 pixels
53 kilobytes
Link holding the Goron mask. That smile is so adorable.
600 pixels 876 pixels
57 kilobytes
Link swiping his sword.
786 pixels 439 pixels
30 kilobytes
He's holding that really cool double-bladed sword.
511 pixels 627 pixels
39 kilobytes
Link and Tatl. 
422 pixels 518 pixels
28 kilobytes
Little Link riding Little Epona.
923 pixels 721 pixels
58 kilobytes
The Romani sisters, who look suspiciously like the young and old Malon. Go figure. 
523 pixels 757 pixels
56 kilobytes
The Indogo-go's, the Zora rock band. This is just plain weird.
1106 pixels 535 pixels
84 kilobytes
That crazy mask seller.
452 pixels 675 pixels
35 kilobytes
The funky guy that sells maps.
435 pixels 800 pixels
28 kilobytes
Little Deku Link holding a flower.
561 pixels 621 pixels
31 kilobytes
Goron Link.
611 pixels 621 pixels
41 kilobytes
Zora Link soaring (through the water most likely).
810 pixels 459 pixels
34 kilobytes
The mayor's son Kafei, who's wearing a Keaton mask. That mask looks way too much like Pikachu.
471 pixels 861 pixels
32 kilobytes
That stupid monkey that you have to save.
385 pixels 494 pixels
23 kilobytes