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Link: Faces of Evil

I didn't write this walkthrough, either.

    Link: Faces of Evil is one of the two Zelda games that were released simultaneously as one of the first games for CDi. It is not just a rough copy of earlier Nintendo titles. Everything that you can find in both this and the Nintendo games are the main characters Link and Zelda.
    The story goes as following: Link is bored a lot. He complains to the king, Zelda's father. He says that a land of rest and peace is good for the people. Fortunately for Link, this peace won't last for long.
    Ganon is being irritating again, he's so brute that he captures Zelda. Now Link has to use his turbo carpet to recapture Zelda and crush Ganon. Then he will become hero of the Koridai!
    When I start the game, a map appears. I choose Goronu. The rumours say there should be the shop of Morshu here. There are a lot of Daira's here (creeps), so that I can collect a lot of rupies. After about 200 rupies I go shopping.
    There are a lot of different enemies in this game, and most of the time there's only one way to kill them. An example: in the tower where Hamsha is being captured walk some Abominams around. You can only kill them with the firestones. But you can only get firestones when you kill the Fire Dairas in the Crater Grove. But unfortunately you can only kill THEM when you've got enough snowballs, which you get when you kill the moblin spearmen. Complicated? I don't think so! This is Zelda, this is fun!
    It's all a lot easier when you've got the powersword. Anutu has one, but does he want to give it to you? And... where is he? Maybe in Crater Cove?
    You must try to get as much triforces as you can, so that you can see more of the world. On that way you dissolve the mysterious capture of princess Zelda.

You can beat Goronu with the firestones. When you've throwed three times, he leaves a bubble behind. You can stone flying creatures with this bubble for a short time.

Harlequin Bazaar
To beat Harlequin, you must stand just next to the pipelines that splits the screen in two. Now you must defend with your shield. Wait 'till Harlequin is on the right spot, and use your sword a few times.

Beat Militron by hitting on his head with the sword. You gain the winged helmet, with which you can fly for a while.

To beat Glutko you just wait untill he comes walking to you. Take a bomb than, and throw it to him. You get the book of Koridai to beat Ganon.

You can kill Lupay by deflecting his shot with the deflecting shield.