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Zelda's Adventure

    Almost everyone knows Zelda now, so I think she doesn't need an introduction. It is kind of special that the last two new Zelda games were released for CD-i. And so is this one: Zelda's Adventure.
    Almost two years after the release of The Wand of Gamelon and Faces of Evil, a new Zelda adventure came out. The new things: You see this game from above, like in the Nintendo games, not like the other two CDi games, plus the graphics. They're really photorealistic now.
    In this CDi game real people appear. Zelda's being played by a real girl. In my imagination Zelda looked completely different, so at the first I was a bit dissapointed. Luckily enough, after the intro Zelda just becomes a bunch of pixels again. She's a normal twodimensional bitmap that happily runs over your screen.
    Zelda's Adventure immediatley looks different then the other CD-i games.Those looked more like platform games. This one shows itself from above, out of some kind of helicopter view, in a small angle. The walking through the land of Tolemac (hahaha, Camelot turned upside down!) has also became a lot more dangerous, because Zelda can get attacked from all sides, by blue desert monsters, red killer-birds, grey boomerang-throwers and other colorfull bad guys.
    The backgrounds in this game are really wonderful. In other Zelda games they're drawn with the computer, but in Zelda's Adventure they look just real. Unfortunately the backgrounds are each time just one screen, like in The Legend of Zelda. When you walk out of the screen, the CDi has to load the new screen, which sometimes takes amazing long.
    The adventure starts at Gaspra, the noble stars-scientist of the palace. This evening he has got to do something better than looking through a big telescope. Ganon, the evil master of the underworld, didn't only steal the seven heavensigns, but also captured Link! So Gaspra has to help Shurmak helping princess Zelda to save Link and the world of a dark future. The goal is obvious: Find the seven heavensigns and beat Ganon. That offcourse sounds simple, as it allways does in adventure- and role-playing games. More interesting is if there's something cool before you've reached the end! Okay, Zelda baby, let's rock!
    Goal number one is to find the magical rod, to be able to smash those enemies. This adventurous quest is ended when you walk one screen to the right, where it lies waiting for you. Now the real fun starts.
    You're gonna need the rod, so keep it with you carefully. You make it yourself a lot easier by getting the boomerang. There are also a lot of things you can buy. But watch out! Don't spend to much.
    Zelda's Adventure is just another chapter in the wonderful series. It goes with mythic, trolls and wizardry. The beautifull backgrounds are ruined a little by the silly characters and slow CDi processor. The digitized voices are hard to understand. Three memories to store games are a big plus!

Thirsty woman
In the east of Tolemac there's a thirsty woman. Give her water (from the northwest) and you get a windbottle.

In a small passage in the east you have to beat some boomerang-throwing creatures to be able to use the boomerang as a weapon.

Old lady
Give some money to the poor old lady who's outside the cafe. In exchange to this she will give you the firestorm weapon, to blow up multiple enemies at once.