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The night was so silent the flutter of a moth's wings could be heard. The full moon illuminated the path of the hunted as he ran to escpae his pursuer. He thought he had found a safe haven when he found a thicket of trees and took cover under the decayed leaves scattered across the ground. When he heard the footsteps of his hunter he held his breath, trying to hide all traces of his existence.
The hunter stepped into a patch of light where he could be identified. The man he had been chasing could distinguish his features. It was young man, most likely in his mid-teens, with the skin of a Gerudo and the pointed ears of a Hylian. But it was the eyes that froze the pursued man, the golden eyes that seemed like they could see spirits.
"I know you're out here!" shouted the boy. "Show yourself thief!"
The man froze, as he heard the footsteps come closer. The muffled footsteps came slowly towards him. Then the sounds stopped right before his head.
"Seriously?" sighed the boy. "The esteemed Night-Stalker, hiding under rotting leaves that are no doubt filled with insects, what a shame."
The hunted thief jumped up trying to claw all traces of the leaves off of himself. When he turned to see his hunter, his heart sank.
"Night-Stalker, you're under arrest in the name of the royal family of Hyrule. I'm your capturer, Beat Grimsley." announced the boy.

Finn grumbled under his breath as yet another animal fought with him. First that damn Epona, but she always fought with people, and now the cuccoos.
"I hate these animals!" Finn snapped.
"C'mon Finn, relax. It's nothing." sighed one of the farmhands.
"Easy for you to say Dominick, the animals don't reject you." Finn muttered.
"Just relax. Animals reflect the attitude of the people around them. They must feel a sense of mistrust, so they don't trust you." reasoned Dominick.
"They started it!" Finn growled.
Dominick laughed and returned to his work. "Talon's headed to town today, looking for a hand to help him to. I'm not feeling up to the ride to town, you wanna go instead?"
"Sure!" nodded Finn in excitement.
"I'll handle your chores, just don't upset any guards." ensured Dominick. "I've met quite a few, and they aren't always pleasant." he laughed.
"You would try to upset guards?" Finn asked surprisedly.
"Well my work before coming here had me coming in contact with guards often. And before you ask, no I'm not saying what I used to do." Dominick sighed. "Now go help your dad."
"Alright." nodded Finn. He was glad the farmhand was around his age. He had hated Ingo when he worked on the ranch, but when they caught him stealing Talon had him taken off the ranch with the "aide" of the castle guards.
Finn walked towards his father's cart to see if he was ready.
"Finn!" shouted a voice Finn was very familiar with.
"Yeah Malon?" Finn asked turning to face his sister.
"What are you doing? You're supposed to be feeding the cuccoos." Malon scolded.
"C'mon Sis, you and I are the same age, quit treating me like a child. And besides, I switched chores with Dominick, I'm helping Dad with the deliveries." Finn argued.
"That so?" laughed a hearty voice. "If Dominick approves I've got not problem." laughed Talon. "Let's get going Son. Malon, Dominick's in charge until we're back."
"Yes Daddy." nodded Malon.
Finn felt his heart pound with excitement as Talon stirred the horses into motion. For the first time since he was a child he'd get to go to the castle town.

In the castle town Beat dragged his captive into the jailhouse handing the bonds to one of the guards.
"Ta ta Night-Stalker. Richard will take care of you now." Beat waved as he headed out the door.
"Grimsley!" barked the guard.
"Yes Richard?" sighed Beat turning around.
"When are we gathering the Army again?" sighed the guard sadly.
"I don't know my friend. We just have to wait until Skull King decides to reveal himself again." sighed Beat. He shook hands with his friend and left, all previous happiness gone.
He strolled through the streets, thinking of his friends. When he reached an extravagant house he decided to visit some of his old friends.

As the cart drew into the Castle Town Finn was far too excited to stay in the cart.
"Go ahead and explore the town, I can do the rest myself. Go have fun, and get something for Malon and Dominick." laughed Talon handing Finn a pouch full of rupees.
"Thanks Dad." laughed Finn jumping out of the cart an running off towards one of the buildings with a brightly painted target on it.

On the rooftop of one of the nearby buildings a man sat on the edge. He watched the boy run inside the shooting gallery.
"He's like you." yawned the girl sitting next to him.
"Leia, be quiet." he sighed. "I have to watch him, He's here." the man growled.
"The wizard." sighed Leia. "What will we do if he goes after the boy?"
"I'll protect my son, and kill Drake." answered the man.
"You're insane Arthur." Leia sighed.

Drake stared at the man standing before him, a smile slightly creeping upon his lips. He was quite entertained by the young man's proposition.
"So, 'Thomas', I assist this so called Skull King, and I get control of an army to aide in all my ambitions?" laughed Drake.
"Precisely. The Skull King rewards those who assist him." nodded Thomas.
"Intriguing. Now tell me, how has he rewarded you? You clearly aren't one of his Seven Sins, and yet you are important enough to speak to me in his stead. Who are you to Skull King?" Drake taunted.
"I am his vassal. I carry his spirit when he requires a body to carry out his orders." answered Thomas calmly.
"You're lying." Drake stated flatly. "You're no vassal, you're deceiving everyone that is in that so-called Army of Bones."
Thomas laughed. He looked Drake right in the eyes and smiled. "You're good." he hissed. "Skull King is just a man in a mask and a suit of armor. But I still command an army. You help me and I'll help you however you want."
Drake smiled in pleasure. "I have a plan that would not only help you control Hyrule, but also increase the numbers in your army tenfold! All I need is a crystal, a crystal hidden away in the desert." Drake explained.
"Easy, I'll give you Clovis, and three-score soldiers. You direct them to wherever your crystal is and then we'll gather what we need."
"I'll also need a boat." Drake yawned. "This desert is on an island, perhaps you've heard of the island of madness."
Thomas smiled in sick humor, "Tristogon. I heard it's lovely this time of year." he laughed.
"Oh yes indeed." smiled Drake. "But I will need one more thing before I depart. A young man by the name of Finn I believe. If I get him, I get the man who can open the path to that crystal."
"Done, I'll have my best Sin go after him. She should be able to fetch him quite easily." nodded Thomas.
"Alright, I believe that should do it. I look forward to working with you, your majesty." Drake said with a cruel smile.

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