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"What?" shouted Peter.
"Stay here." repeated Beat calmly.
"Just leave us out here!" screamed Peter.
"Ok." Beat laughed. He grabbed the fairy and ran into the entrance.

Navi was disoriented now. Grimsley grabbed her so quickly she was dizzy. She sat on the ropes of the bridge leading to the village she once called home. She watched Beat check over himself, for the third time. He had left his sword and mask in the cart. He only brought his hookshot, the spell, his knife, and the bag of bombchus.
"Ready?" she asked nervously.
"Yeah, are you?" he coughed, picking his violin case up.
"No!" she screamed darting towards the entrance they came in.
"Then just stay in here!" he ordered snatching her out of the air in a bottle.

Beat tucked the bottle into his tunic, ignoring the cries of the fairy. He walked through the gate to be greeted by a young boy.
"Hello!" laughed the child, "Welcome to Kokiri Forest."
"Why thank you young sir." replied Beat bowing. "Do you know where I may find a shop around here?"
"There's one over by the river, I'll guide you there." answered the boy grabbing Beat's wrist.

While Beat was being led he noted how every child was accompanied by a fairy. While the child guiding him was chatting with a girl sitting on a balcony, Beat freed Navi. She stayed hidden in his tunic.
"Here we are." stated the boy smiling at Beat. "You should leave soon. Those who aren't Kokiri that stay in the forest turn into skull kids." he warned.
"Thank you my friend." replied Beat ignoring the warning.

Richard was losing his temper. Peter was still going on about Beat leaving them behind. Penelope had to keep being reminded not to enter the forest. He was just relieved he wasn't left with Navi.
"Peter, give it a break. He left us out here because that's a village of kids! If a ton of strangers wandered in they'd get scared and attack us." reasoned Richard.
"He's right big brother." chimed in Penny.
"But he should have told us himself!" argued Peter.
"For Din's sake, Beat, I pray you are having a better time than me!" sighed Richard. He then felt soft hands cover his eyes. But he could tell whose they were, and he smiled.
"Those kids are pretty wound up." sighed the girl hiding Richard's eyes.
"Yeah, glad I'm not related to them. How'd you find us?" he asked taking her hands.
"I asked around for the quickest route to the forest. Hey the boys pretty cute!"
"Goddesses help me. Now I've got a third problem!" he muttered in a low tone. He turned to face the owner of the voice he heard, Gwen.

Beat was not in a pleasurable situation. He was being searched by a boy name Mido, who apparently assumed he was in charge. He took everything from Beat. Including his violin. Navi had flown out to avoid being seen by Mido, so he had one less thing to lose. Mido had started ranting on about the knife, before a girl ran up to him and smacked him across the face.
"Mido! Show some respect for this traveler!" corrected the girl.
Beat laughed as he watched Mido squirm under the green-haired girl lecture. So that was Saria? Hmm, not the age you'd assume a sage to be. The girl gathered up Beat's belongings and returned them to him.
"I'm so sorry for Mido. He's a little overprotective. Oh I almost forgot, I'm Saria." she laughed embarrassedly.
"Ah, no need to apologize, Saria. I'm Beat Grimsley." he replied smiling. "I believe we have somewhere to go." he whispered.
"Right, first we have to talk to the Deku Sprout. Oh and if you're wondering how I knew to help you, Navi told me. She's staying with my fairy at my house." she stated leading him to the guardian of these woods.

Navi was elated to see Melody, Saria's fairy. They clasped each others hands and circled around, spinning like a top. They continued spinning until they fell to the floor.
"Melody, it's been ages!" Navi laughed trying to stand up.
"Oh it's great to see you again, Navi! Ever since Saria became a sage I haven't had any fun with her." whooped Melody, falling flat on her face.
They continued to play fairy games until they passed out. Navi had missed this.

Saria and Beat sat before a comical looking tree with a grin transfixed on his jovial face.
"I'm gonna say this now. I can't believe a thing you say, you're too adorable." laughed Beat.
"Funny, I was gonna say the same to you." replied the sprout. This caused Saria to laugh.
"Can we begin?" Saria asked wiping a tear away.
"Yes. And we shall." answered the Deku Sprout.
"Alright, let's start the story." Beat said playing a few notes on his violin.
"Very well. We both know of your situation, Mr. Grimsley. We are aware of your search, and we have an idea of who may be the Sage Warrior of the Forest." started the Deku Sprout.
Saria picked up now, "We believe his name is Archer. He ran away at an early age into the forest. He was terrified by many things. We aren't sure why he was this way."
"We have just recently found hints that he was alive. One day when Saria was walking to her temple she saw a black-haired Kokiri running down a different path. She tried to follow him but he tricked her. She ended up in front of the entrance to Lost Woods."
"I informed the Deku Sprout of my discovery and he told me about Archer. I tried finding him again, and I asked the Deku Shrubs in the woods. They denied seeing him but they seemed like they were lying. This has been going on for about a week now. I was about to go looking again. You can help me."
"Saria, I'd love to, but I think I need to pass. If he runs from his own kind, why do you think he'll trust me?" Beat stated.
"Saria, can you get the tunic from my old body?" asked the sprout.
Saria nodded and began to climb the former body of the Deku Tree. She reached the branches quickly, for leaves began to shower Beat. She then dropped in front of them. Beat, on instinct, ran to catch her. He did, and shook with fear.
"Why did you do that?" he gasped, as he set her down on her feet.
"I trusted you." she said laughing.
Apparently this was an inside joke, because the sprout laughed along with her.
Beat began to change his tunic. He laughed when he saw Saria blush. "I'm wearing pants, relax!" he reassured, smiling.
"Alright let's go!" Saria said grabbing his hand.

Richard was now responsible for thirteen year old twins, and a fifteen year old man-eater. He prayed for Beat to return soon. He was being pulled into a cart by Gwen. Richard wrenched his hand away and dove into the cart with the chest of tools. He grabbed his Stone Mask and pulled it on. Gwen ran in, but found it empty, so she walked off. After she was gone Richard took the mask off.
"That salesman saved my ass." he sighed. How did Gwen get here so quickly, and how did she know they were headed to the forest? Something was off. He grabbed Will's Mask, put it on and took Will's shape. "I'll find out." he whispered in Will's voice.

Why am I always being dragged through this village? Pondered Beat as he was dragged to Lost Woods. He felt a familiar presence in the woods, one that worried him. Suddenly he felt something stirring, he knew what to do. He grabbed his knife, and took a fighting stance. Saria noticed this and stepped back. She felt the forest being filled with fear.
"What's happening?" she asked Beat.
"Get the others inside." he ordered. "Can you leave the forest?" he asked.
"Yes, but the Deku Sprout wants us to remain here. I'm the only Kokiri aware of that." she answered.
"Then can you run to the carts outside, and grab a sword, and a mask. The mask is of a blonde haired rough looking boy. Bring it here after you get everyone to safety!"
"Sure!" she said running off to do her task.
Beat turned to face the entrance once again. Determination written on his face. "Come at me, demon!" he shouted.
In response to his challenge an unearthly roar pierced the forest. And the creature that made the sound attacked!

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