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Link: (waving) Hey Zel!

Zelda: ( leans on Link ) Hi

(Zelda is wearing a pinkish-orange shirt, a white skirt, and boots. Her golden hair shines brightly as it waves in the wind.)

Link: (Starts to blush) Uh......

Zelda: Well, ya gona say something or stare at me all day?

Link hears giggles in the distance.

Malon: Hey Link, How's your new girlfriend?

Saria: Did you kiss her yet?

More giggles

Link: (Turns bright red and glares at them.)

Saria: We're just teasing!

Malon: Come on Saria, lets go bother Mido now!

Saria: YAY!

Saria and Malon leave to annoy Mido

Link: ....uh, Zelda, Wanna go take a walk?

Zelda: (Looking a little embarrassed) Sure, I guess.

Squeaky Voice: Hey, it's Fred! Look at my cabbage!

Cabbage: El queso gato es en mi sombrero!

Link: Uh......

Cabbage: Eeeek! La rosa cacoracha es azule!

Link: .....

Cabbage: Z! Chocolate perito es muy, muy bein!

Mysterious Voice: Fred! Cabbage!

Fred: Who are you?

Voice: Superzeldafreak!

Fred: Oh...

Superzeldafreak: Fred, your not in this story!

Fred: So, you don't own me or cabbage!

SZF: Even though I don't own you, cabbage, or Charlie the Unicorn I am the I can make any of you disappear if I wanted to!

Fred: Grandma says "Hate" is a very strong word so I strongly dislike you!

Fred and Cabbage disappear into a cloud of smoke.

Zelda: Ok, that was.....strange......

Mario: Mama-mia, that's-a one-a weird-a kid.

Navi: Get your own story, CREEP!

Mario: (eats a mushroom and doubles in size then steps on Navi)

Everyone: YAY!

Navi: I'm ok!

Link: Darn

Peach: There you are cutie-pie!

Mario: Back Off!

Peach: Who's this? ( stares dreamily at Link)

Zelda: (slaps Peach) Stay away from my man!

Peach: Sheesh, I just wanted to know his name!!!!

Zelda: He's Link and I saw him first!

Peach and Zelda claw the mess out of each other.

Link: Lets not kill each other.

Peach: Fine

Zelda: ( kisses link) There he is mine now!

Peach: You little......

Zelda: Little what???

Peach: I can't say it, kids could be reading.

Zelda: I don't give a crap!

Zelda beats the freakin' crap out of Peach. Then Mario and Peach went home.

Zelda: ( Hugs Link)

Link: (too stuned to say anything) Uh.....

Weird Lizard Thing: (singing) Charlie, Why you look so down?

Link: My name isn't Charlie!

WLT: (more singing) With your big fat eyes and your big fat frown, Charlie the world doesn't have to be so gray....

Link: I told you I'm not Charlie!

WLT: (singing) All you have to do is put a banana in your ear.....

Link: (Thrusts sword into the weird lizard thing)


Unicorn 1 : Charlie, your the banana king!

Link: For the LAST time, I'm not Charlie!!!

Unicorn 2 : Banana, banana, banana, banana!

Link: (chunks a bomb at the unicorns)

Bomb: BOOM!

Charlie: Thanks for getting rid of them.

Link and Zelda: Another unicorn!?!

Charlie: Yup! Bye! (bursts into flames)

Link: Great, he burst into flames.

Link and Zelda leave completely confused.

Superzeldafreak: Before we leave,here is a message from the sponsors....

Sponsors: COFFEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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