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((EDIT!!! ADDED MORE TO THIS CHAPTER TO MAKE IT LONGER CHAPTER 2 WAS TOO SHORT SO JUST ADDED IT TO THIS!!)) So I decided to start working on this anyways. For those you who don't know, I have posted a fan fic, called Excerpt from 'Shooting Stars', which previewed this very fic. It is a futuristic/fantasy fan fiction based on the stories and ideas from Legend of Zelda. Please give this a chance and read this before you shun it down. I know the majority of Zelda fans like the classical medieval Zelda, but if you're a true fan you'll be open minded to new things. ^_^ This chapter is mainly the introduction of the main characters, so may be a little lengthy.

Shooting Stars
Chapter 1 A Cute Little Dinner Party for Two

"Good Morning Hyrule! It's 7:00 am and it's time to get up, up, up. Lot's of things to do today! Monday is the busiest day of the week. So to start you off right here's a nice little tune from the newly popular alternative rock band "Upside Turned" playing their song," A Start Run From the Sea." Enjoy!" Link rubbed his eyes vigorously to try to wake himself up. His whites were blood shot and the color sat odd against his vibrant blue irises, with his blond hair stringing in front of them. Sitting up, he removed his light gray comforter off his body. While trying to wake up he bent his toes and heard a few cracks and pops, and stretched his lean, muscular arms high into the air. His torso pulled and you could see his clearly defined chest, stomach, and back muscles. He was wearing his silky white pajama pants. Reaching over his full sized bed to his floating night stand, Link turned off the alarm clock, he didn't like the band "Upside Turned". There was a loud knock at the door and a young man's voice could be heard on the other side.

"Come on pretty boy! Time to wake up," said the kid. Link grunted and tossed a pillow at the metal door. He hated it when his brother, Seth, called him 'pretty boy'.
"Did you throw a pillow at the door again?"
Link shook his head and soon heard his brother's foot steps walk away. Feeling safe, Link got up took off his white pajama pants and walked up to the door. Pulling up the door menu he touched the selection "Bathroom" and after a few mechanical clicks, opened up and walked into the bathroom. The bathroom was simple. A tub and shower parrallel to the entrance and a sink and mirror to the left as you entered and a toilet in between the sink and shower.

"Hello Sir, what are your morning tasks and how may I help , said the computer's female voice from the overhead speaker.

"Just taking a shower," Link said.

"Please state your name, and if you are not in the computer's database please say 'Not Available"."


"Good Morning Link. The water is being prepared, it will be ready in 45 seconds. Do you have any other requests?

"Yes, put my brother on the Com Screen, please."

"I am calling him now. Please wait a moment."

A dark blue metallic frame floated down from a compartment in the ceiling and hovered in front of Link's face. The frame holographed a black screen saying, "One Moment Please." The screen fuzzed black and white before showing an image of Seth on the screen.

"What's up bro?" Seth asked, but didn't leave time for him to answer," Dude! Are you naked? Come on!"

Link rolled his eyes.
"The Com Screen should only be showing my face. It worked yesterday morning," Link complained at the floating screen.

"Well, it's not!" Seth shot back. Link again rolled his eyes and clicked 'Settings' on the floating screen, sure enough it was set to full body and so clicked 'Profile". Link heard his brother sigh in relief.

"Thanks man," Seth replied.

"No problem, but please, next time, don't freak out like that."

"How are you NOT embarrassed by something like that?"

Link shrugged. "I dunno. You're my brother and we're both guys. I could care less. By the way, did you do something new with your hair?" Link didn't notice it until now, but Seth's hair normally just laid strait on his head. Today the left side had been gelled completely up, and the other had been combed in front of his right eye. Seth smiled, feeling encouraged by his brother noticing.

"Yeah! Does it look good?" Seth asked excitedly. Link smiled and nodded.

"It looks very cool, you should keep it like that," Link answered. Seth nodded, a sense of pride swelling up.

"So what'd need to call me for bro, while being naked," Seth asked, a mocking tone on the last part. Link laughed.

"Calling to remind you that we're visiting mom and dad today. So I need you to pick up a bottle of root beer, because I'm going to be late today," Link said. Seth nodded.

"Still working on that big project I'm assuming," Seth inquired. Link nodded in response.
"Alright then, but try not to be too late. I'd feel like an idiot out there all by myself. The graves are creepy anyways as it is."

"Don't worry, I'm picking up the flowers on the way there, I just can't get the drinks as well without being really late," Link said to relieve his brother of the worry. Seth nodded in confidence.

"All right bro, well see you in a few minutes," Seth said and the metallic frame's screen turned off and flew back into it's ceiling compartment.

After getting dressed Link selected 'Main Room' on the door selection menu and walked into the living room. There was a TV set against the wall to his left, which was also the wall with the door to leave. In front of the TV was a coffee table sat in front a low couch and an arm chair. Directly in front of him was the dining table and to his right was the kitchen. Seth was sitting at the table eating some eggs and toast and a plate set out for Link. He could tell by the steam that it was still hot.

"Wow Seth! I thought you didn't like to cook?" Link said with surprise.

"I don't," Seth simply replied. He clicked the screen on the table and sorted through his mail.

"Oh... So you did this for mom and dad?" Link asked while sitting down at the table. Seth just shook his head.

Link shrugged, confused by his brother's antics. He turned on the TV and began eating. The food was excellent.

"In today's news," said the TV news woman," It's going to be a cloudy day, and possibly scattered showers in the afternoon. Don't let it get you down though, we've been needing this rain. This morning will be warm, with a cool breeze in some areas. Tidings of the rain that's to come."

"Hope it doesn't rain on us when we're visiting mom and dad," Seth interjected. Link nodded in agreement. Other then the weather forecast, nothing new or really all that important aired on the news. So, when Link was done eating, he put his dishes in the dishwasher and grabbed his watering can from under the sink.

"I'm ganna go water the plants and then head off to school, k bro. Don't miss your ride," Link said and then headed out the apartment. He heard his brother shout, "All right" before he closed the door behind him. Link headed down the narrow hallway, listening to the steady beat of his feet as they created an echo. Reaching the elevator selected up and entered as the metal doors opened for him. Once at the roof the doors opened again. The sky was bright blue and sun was just rising over the tops of the tall buildings. Hyrule City and this was the best view of it form where he lived. Far off in the distance he saw High Council Castle, or at least the top of it. Skyscrapers and other tall buildings covered. He sighed, he couldn't wait until he had money to move, so he could live on the country side back on his parents estate. Link walked over to the edge of the roof and sifted through his plants. There were various kinds, sage, mint, and lemon balm. All of them needed water. He enjoyed the feel of the plants on his hands. They were cool and soft, while some of them were rough. He sighed heavily enjoying this quiet moment.

Then, the elevator door opened again and slender girl of about 18 or 19 stepped out and walked to another corner of the roof. It was Autumn, the girl who lived down the hall from Link. She recently moved in a few weeks ago and had started a growing collection of her own plants. Most of hers were flowers, and they were night bloomers. Such as moon flowers and a large pot holding a maturing Gardenia bush. Link never ventured up to the roof at night, due to the fact she was up here most of the time. He was too shy to be around her and he was growing nervous every second he was alone like this with her. She was so pretty. Today she was simply wearing a short black dress, that clearly defined her hips and torso. Her hair was short and black. Part of it covered her face, revealing only one eye, that was an illuminating green even in dim lighting. What intrigued about him the most was her love for knowledge; she was extremely intelligent. It was difficult to meet a girl who was so passionate about what she believed in, have a high intelligence, and also have a high amount of beauty. Link knew most of this mainly because they went to the same college and had two classes together, Freshmen English and Calculus 1 A. Link had animal study classes, and she had archeology, and that's why they only had two classes together. He noticed that from day one she was very vocal and quick tempered, but also kind hearted. This was shown when she stood up for another zoran student getting bullied by a much much larger hylian. Link had just walked out of Animal Health when he heard Autumn yelling angrily at the large man. The Hylian just stuck up his nose and walked of. Link noticed her flushed cheeks and thought how adorable it looked.

"Hey Link, I got a question for ya' bro'," Link heard a young man's voice say. He shook his head and blushed and jumped a little at the same time. He realized that he had been stating at Autumn for longer then he should and his brother had startled him.

"When did you get up here?" Link asked Seth, who was now standing beside him.

"Just a second ago, you would have noticed me if you weren't goggling at Miss Princess over there," Seth remarked. Link shook his head in denial.

"I was not goggling," Link said in his defense.

"Yes, because it totally looked like you were sharing advice on growing herbs and flowers just now," Seth said sarcastically. Link rolled his eyes and turned away, pretending to look for bugs in his herbs.

"What were you going to ask me, Seth?" Link asked.

"Why don't you just ask her out sometime?" Seth asked. What Link didn't know was that Seth was motioning Autumn over to them.

"I barely know the girl. She'd probably think it'd be weird that I already know her name and we've never even spoken to each other before. No, I'd have to get to know her first," Link replied.

"Well then we should get to know each other a little better. Maybe then you can ask me out," said a girl's voice. Link's heart dropped to his stomach and was joined by some butterflies that decided to nest there at that very moment. He slowly turned around, trying to think of something to say.

"Uh... M-morning.. miss," he said scratching the back of head, accidentally loosening the tie that held back the small amount of length to his hair. He eventually pulled of the tie and ended up putting the elastic cloth covered band around his wrist.

"You can call me Autumn, I know you know my name. We do have two classes together in school," she commented. Link gave a forced laugh.

"Yah, yah you're right about that, heh heh," he said looking away from her face.

"Well I have an idea Link. I was going to studying tonight on the roof for the Calculus test we have tomorrow. Since I made breakfast for you this morning, you could make us dinner and we could look over each other's notes. How's that sound to you?" she asked. She certainly seemed like a confident girl, at least one of us is, Link thought to himself. He finally nodded.

"I'd love too," he said after taking a deep breath. Autumn looked absolutely delighted with his approval. Link decided to try and take the initiative and ask to drive her to school, but Seth interjected.

"That means he'd have to drive you home and he's going to be late as it is and we're visiting our parents this afternoon," Seth said with an apologetic tone. Autumn nodded and Link looked at his feet with guilt in his eyes. He couldn't believe he forgot about his mom and dad.

"Oh, where do they live maybe one of my friends can drive me home, or I can catch the bus," she said, sounding a little eager to let Link drive her to school.

Link looked up to face her. "They live at 5734, the cemetery on the outskirts of the city."

Autumn looked fully embarassed. "Oh I'm sorry. Please forgive me I had no idea."

Link shook his head smiling. "Don't worry you didn't know. Seth is right though.. I am staying after school to finish up my horse study project, maybe you could get one of your friends to drive you home like you said," he replied trying to cheer her up.

"Ok.. My friend Emi can drive me home," she said looking up. Link nodded.

"It's settled then. I'll meet you in the lobby in a few minutes then?" Link said. Autumn nodded and all three of them went into the elevator together. They stopped at their apartments to pick up their school things and then were off. In the lobby, Seth met up with his fellow high school student friends and left on the bus. Autumn followed Link to his car. He tried being polite and opened the door, but when he closed it, it caught onto his jacket. He didn't know it until he skidded almost falling on the ground from being tugged... They really didn't talk much on the way to school. Autumn seemed to have shared Link's embarrassment and had an irrational streak of shyness hit her; which was unlike her.

* * *

It had indeed rain that afternoon, but that didn't stop Seth and Link from visiting their parents that afternoon. It was only a light shower that was off and on every ten to fifteen minutes, so it didn't really bother them any.

"Here's to you dad," Link said pouring a cup of rootbeer on the grave.

"And to you mom," Seth said, following Link. Link and Seth turned towards each other and nodded. They had said what they wanted to say and now they were to leave.

"Do you think they are really watching over us Link?" Seth asked his brother as they both got into his car. Link nodded.

"They are swimming in Nayru's river of souls, basking in the Triforce's peaceful light right now, making sure nothing bad goes on in our lives. Why do you think our lives are so easy now?" Link asked. Seth chuckled.

"I thought that it was because of my irresistible good looks," Seth said sarcastically. Link laughed. Then his mind drifted off to his plans tonight. What would he make for Autumn and him tonight?

"You should make something with fruits and fresh veggies tonight," Seth said interrupting his thoughts.

"What the... how'd you?" Link said in surprise. Seth shrugged.

"I figured you'd be thinking about her. She's the first girl I've seen you like so much. You're extremely picky when it comes to girls, and for someone to make you fall head over heels like that I know is going to be on your mind," Seth said. Link blushed and focused on the road.

"Thanks for the advice," he finally said.

When Seth and Link got to their apartment, Link still felt slightly dumbfounded at what to make. All the fruit recipes he knew required overnight chilling or extra ingredients that he didn't have. In the end he decided to just fill a bowl with various fruits he at hand, such as apples, grapes, cantaloupe, and some pineapple.

With bowl in one hand and his calculus books in the other, Link made his way up to the roof. It was still raining so he turned on the water roof shield before he went outside. Autumn wasn't there but there was a table set up and her stuff was there. He set the bowl on the table and sat in a chair next to it. The water shield must have already been turned on before he got there, because the table was dry and so was Autumn's things. He decided to flip through his book and start on his homework. He began question 2 when Autumn finally arrived.

"Hey Link," she said. He looked up at her and felt the butterflies acting up again. She smiled and laughed a little eat him, he was apparently staring at her longer then he should have again.

"uh.. Hi.. Sorry," he said quietly. She shook her head, letting him know it was okay.

"These look great," she commented snacking on an apple wedge.

"I wasn't sure what to make," he said truthfully. She nodded.

"Well this is perfect, you did a nice job," she complimented. He nodded.

They both did their homework, not needing too much help from each other, but there wasn't a lack of conversation mostly due to Autumn and her knack for always having something to say. There were many jokes between them and Link finally felt his butterflies flying away. Through out the study date, the clouds had began to dissipate, leaving behind a brilliantly lit sky. Once they had finished eating and talking about anything and everything, they both just stared off, gazing at the stars.

"I'm really glad one of us is confident," Link finally remarked breaking the calm silence.

"What do you mean?" Autumn asked. He just shrugged.

"I would have never have gone up to you and get to know you," he replied," I'm too shy for that." Autumn laughed.

"It's all right. I was afraid I was going to come off as brash and rude. I'm kind of vocal, if you didn't notice," she said. Link nodded.

"That okay though, I like that about you," Link said with out thinking. His butterflies immediately came back to visit the moment he said it. Autumn smiled, her face showing a clear delight. Suddenly, she gasped in surprise, but Link had seen it too.

"Quick make a wish," she said pointing up to the sky. In the sky three bright shooting stars showed brilliantly in the sky.

Link laughed a little, "I already have everything I want." She turned to face him and nodded.

"Me too, my only wish for things to prosper," she commented and Link nodded in agreement. After a few minutes of watching for more shooting stars, they both finally got up and went back down stairs. Link walked Autumn to her apartment.

"Sleep well," he said to her.

"You too, Link. We'll have to do this again.. Really soon," she replied.

"Definitely," he replied. They both smiled at each other before Autumn closed her door. Link walked light heartedly down the hallway and went to bed with a smile on his face.

* * *


"Do you think we'll be able to find him?" said a short girl with green hair. Two other women next to her shrugged.

"Even if we do there's no guarantee he'll come with us," a woman with long red hair remarked.

"We have to at least try, he's our brother," the woman with long blue-black hair commented. They all nodded in agreement.

"Oh Norio, please... Let us find you," the girl with green hair mentioned.

Nayru looked around where they had landed. It was an open field, just outside of Hyrule city.

"Do you think he'd be in the city?" she asked her sisters. Farore shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know, it seems the most likely place for him to hide," she finally said. Din shook her head.

"We're going to have to disguise ourselves if we're going to go there," she pointed out. The other two nodded.

In a flash of bright light, the three girls wearing white robes now stood with modern clothing. Din, the red head, had her hair tied up high in a ponytail with black streaks going through it. Her attire consisted of a white shirt and jean jacket, with blue jean hip huggers and simple black shoes. She had a plethora of punkish looking accessories and a tattoo peaking out on her chest of what looked like a snake. Nayru had her blue black hair curled and laid on her shoulders. She wore a simple black knee length skirt and a collar white shirt, finished off with a pair of black high heels. She a few fancy accessories that accentuated her beauty. Farore had her hair in pigtails still and wore shorts and a tank top, with sneakers.

"Think we'll blend in enough?" Nayru asked. Din shook her head.

"Would it matter? We could just erase their memory if we wanted to," Din pointed out.

"We can't do that, that'd be too much intereference," Nayru protested politely. Din rolled her eyes.

"Come on girls, we have to go into the city," Farore said, pointing towards Hyrule City.

They decided to walk into the city, instead of fly, but they had to walk from a distance to not grow suspicioun. Their children had grown much since they first created them.

"It's nearing dawn now," Nayru pointed out.

"Thanks," Din said sarcastically.

"We should ask around, and see if anybody has seen him," Farore suggested. They all agreed and finally entered the city limits.

The three goddesses of creation, walking through the city. They are looking for their lost brother, Norio. Norio, the God of Time. First they started with the small shops, asking people who they would know would be knowledgeable. Farore was usually the one to ask, she was the brave one.

"Excuse me, sir," she asked one merchant on the streets selling shirts," Have you seen or head about a man, by the name of Norio. He is a head taller then I, with grey eyes and silver hair."

This form of questioning lasted them all morning, but all seem at a loss. Their brother Norio was no where to be found or even heard of.

"This is pointless, he's apparently trying to hide from us," Din said. Nayru nodded in agreement.

"Yes, I know. He's completely shut himself from us as well, his pendulum swings, but his spirit is blocked," she said pulling out a silver pendulum from her breast pocket.

"It hasn't even reacted has it?" Farore asked. Nayru shook her head sadly.

"Argh, damn it we have to keep trying," Din protested, her brash firey nature coming through. Farore felt a familiar presence nearby.

"Sisters! The 'Amun' is near!" she said with excitement.

"Really where?" Din asked, her anger disapating quickly. Nayru pointed to a man with blonde hair, standing by a broken down car.

"There he is," she said. Farore pleaded to her sisters.

"Can we go say hi?" she asked. Din shrugged.

"Don't see why not, he might know where Norio is," she said.

The three disguised goddesses walked over to him.

* * *

Link sat his forehead in his hand. His faithful car, who never had any trouble, died on him.

"OH man! I'm going to miss that calculus test," Link complained. He popped open the hood and steam poured form it the engine. Trying to understand what happened he checked everything from the oil to gaskets. Everything seemed fine, maybe it was just the cars time. It would be his luck.

What would Autumn think of him, missing school on a test day? Link quivered with worry for a moment. She would think he was a dunce, or something.

"Oh goddesses, please help me," he said to himself.

"Car trouble?" said a woman's voice. Link jolted up and hit his head on the car hood, making him feel dizzy.

"Argh!" he said grabbing his head and bending over. He heard some female giggling and looked up.

Three girls, two older and one younger, stood on the sidewalk beside his car.

"Morning, misses. Can I help you?" he said grimacing from the pain in his head. A woman with blue black hair walked over to him and moved him from the front of his car, forcing him to bend over so she could examine his head.

"What are you-" Link began but noticed that the younger girl with green hair was sitting on the roof of his car.

"You shouldn't be-," he began, unable to free himself from the woman's grasp, but he noticed the woman with red hair had walked over to his engine and was messing with things.

"You really shouldn't-," he began to protest, but was suddenly standing strait up.

"I'm Lana," the woman with blue-black hair said.

"I'm Fey!" the young girl on top of his car said.

"I'm El," the woman who was messing with his car said.

Link was too caught up with his own confusion to even reply. He did notice, distantly, that his head had stopped hurting.

"Your car is fixed," said El. Link blinked several times before he walked over to the front of his car. Sure enough there was no more steam coming from the engine. In fact it looked completely new, well almost.

"She should purr beautifully now, she has nice engine," El finished. Link nodded, still feeling quiet dumbfound, and shut the hood of his car.

"You don't talk too much do you," said Fey who jumped off the top of the car.

"Well... I uh-," Link said, but couldn't find the right words. Lana laughed.

"Let's get straight to business," El said," We helped you, now help us. We're looking for a man by the name of Norio, has silver hair and grey eyes. Seen him?"

Link blinked and tried to think, but couldn't think of anyone by that name or looked like that. He eventually just shook his head.

"No, can't say that I have. It took all of you to ask that?" Link said trying to get past his confusion. Fey nodded, there was something oddly familar about her.

"Don't you have to be getting to school," Lana said. Link's eyes widened.

"Ahh! Yes, I do! Thanks miss," he said and rushed over to the driver's part of the car.

"If I ever see this Norio guy I'll-," Link began to say as he opened his car door and looked up. However, the three girls were gone, disappearing as quickly as the had appeared. Link shook his head in dismay, but got in his car and drove to school.

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