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     The next morning was when the odd things started. When Link awoke, he could hear Nayru singing. He got up and walked outside to find her. Nayru stood facing the sun, holding the Harp. But something was wrong. When Link examined the Harp of ages, it didn't look like a harp at all, but now somehow resembled a... A what? Link asked himself. A guitar?

     Nayru finished her song and turned to look at Link. "It's happened," she said. "The lands have been combined. What you see me holding is the Harp of Ages... and Holodrum's Rod of Seasons." 

     "So I'm supposed to change it back how? Does that thing, err, things, umm, do they still work?"

     "Yes," said Nayru. "And if you want to be of help to these lands, you are going to have to break Onox's curse. And you do that by gathering all the essences of time and seasons. You should start..."

     "Hey!" Link said indignantly. "I can't start just yet. I don't understand it, and besides... I haven't had breakfast yet! I'm starving! Where can I go to buy food?"

     "Go to the city southwest of here. The name's probably chanced since the combining, but it's the only major city in Labrynna." Nayru handed Link the odd looking thing. "Good luck."

      "Great..." Link mumbled, walking in the direction she had indicated. "So is this place called... 'Labrydrum" or 'Holo-something'?" He lifted the thing Nayru had given him. "And what the heck is this thing? The 'Rod of Sages'? 'Harp of Sages?' Goddesses!" Link snarled. Obviously he had to do something here, or the Triforce wouldn't have called him. "Well, whatever..."

       The city, "Horonnya Vity" ("What the hell?" Link asked himself. "Vitty? Village and City?") consisted of many small huts and shops, with an enormous black tower rising into the sky on the southern end. Link wandered around town and looked at all the shops, but none seemed to be selling food. "Dammit, I need food..." Link moaned. By midday, Link had found nothing to eat and was becomming very thirsty. He sought refuge from the sun in the shade of a great tree. Upon raising his head, though, Link saw that the tree was full of small red berries. Standing, he drew his sword and knocked three of them off, popping them into his mouth. Unfortunately for poor Link, biting into the dry berries caused them to burst into flame.

      "WAHHHHHHH!" Link screamed, attracting the attention of a few passerby, who glanced in his direction and shook their heads or made circles next to their temples with their fingers.

       "Hey, 's that Tingle in a new costume?" someone snickered. "Tights on a boy. That is just so wrong," someone else said.

      Link ignored the comments and made for the nearest water as fast as he could go. He rapidly swallowed mouthfulls of water, only to notice afterward that the water was brown-ish, smelled funny, and came out of a pipe at the foot of the Black Tower. He immediately un-swallowed the water (involuntarily, though he would have happily done it on his own) and sat upon the bank of the sewage pond hacking and coughing. Upon recovery, Link noticed the statue of a beautiful mermaid in the middle of the pond, sitting in a ring of stone fish (who appeared to be spraying her with urine).

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