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Link: Son of a bitch...I've been transfer to many other schools four times. One more time and I'll be sent to Military School. Shit...well no use standing around here might as well go in.

Link entered the gate and saw three men who are in a group chewing a piece of gum and spitting it on the floor. They each stared at Link.

 Guy 1: Oh look it's the new kid.

The other two guys snickered and laughed.

Guy 2: Give me your money if you want to live.

 Link: I'd rather fuck you up right here right now in front of all these people.

 Guy 3: Ooooo were so scared. What you gonna do? Use a pepper spray?

The other 2 boys laughed and nearly fell down.

 Link: No. I'm gonna do this!

Link Kicked one of them on the balls (Ooooo that's gotta hurt) he fell onto the ground groaning in pain as he held is crotch.

 Guy 1: What the fuck! Oh its on bitch!

He punched Link across the cheek but wasn't down. Link tackled him onto the ground and launched a few punches at him. The other boy helped his friend by kicking Link on the stomach. He helped his friend up and his other one who was still on the ground groaning. Link raised his fist as he punched the boy on the left and right. Link was then pushed onto the ground and they each kicked him.

 Math Teacher: Alright break it up! Break it up!

 The boys stopped kicking Link they each spit on his face.

Link: Pfff pansys.

Math Teacher: Hey stop doing that or you'll have a months detention!

Guy 2: Yeah!? I don't give a shit do whatever you want old man.

Math Teacher: Alright into my office at four o' clock!

 Guy 3: Pff Whatever.

Link who was still on the ground in pain. He was helped none other than the teacher.

Math Teacher: You alright son?

Link: Yeah *cough* those guys were messing around. Little bitches...

Math Teacher: Well what do you expect its the toughest school all around Hyrule. Legend has it that this school was actually run by a castle itself!

Link: I would like to hear about it.

Math Teacher: I'm sorry its class time. You should head to the principles office. It's the second floor onto your left.

 Link: Thanks.

They both went there seperate ways. Link entered the school building and the whole school was filled with students filled with books, lockers, and even a firealarm.

Link: Ooooo a firealarm?

He advanced towards it as he looked both ways to make sure no one notice. He pulls it and the alarm rang. All the students paniced as they try to exit the building.

Link: Ahahah. This never gets old!

Prefects: Hey you little punk! Stop immeditaly!

Link: Oh shit!!

The prefect tackled Link onto the ground as the students walk towards the door laughing at him and staring. The announcer speaker said "Please do not pull the firealarm! All students must head back to their classes!" the speaker ended.

Prefect: Your comming with me to the school's principle.

Link: That's why I'm here!

Prefect: You could've just went upstairs you know!

Link: Yeah but it won't be so much fun without an excort will it?

The prefect got off of him and took him by the arm and lead him upstairs. He made a left and told Link to go inside and meet with the principle.

Link: Hello there peeps. I'm here to see the big dawg.

The secretary looked displeased by his action but a job's a job so they lead him towards a wooden door. Link enters and scanned his area. There were so many animal heads. The principle mustive hunted these wimps down. Heheh cool thought Link.

 Principle: Ehem. Take a seat son.

Link: What's cracken?

Principle it seems that you've been doing alot of naughty things last year haven't you?

Link: Eh it puts the cake around the table. It's my thing what you going to do about it?

Principle: Listen here boy and my name is Hanarkin, this school must take you or else you'll end up of Military School am I correct?

Link: Yeah. So?

Hanarkin: Well, if you managed to succeed we'll send you back home immediatly.

Link: And if not?

Hanarkin: We send you to Military School ourselves. It's your choice. Be good or face the concequence.

Link: Heh. Looks like a dead guy giving me an advice for living.

 Hanarkin: I'm warning you boy! You must not fail or we shall send you there ourselves. Now go to your dormintory its down south and head to the right. And across from your dormintory is the girls, so don't be sneaking around there!

Link: Right. Is that all is there to it? Sir?

Hanarkin: That will be all. Now go.

Link: Okay. Sheesh what a crackhead.

Hanarkin: Did you say something?

Link: No sir. May I be on my way? Please?

Hanarkin: Go ahead.

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