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An unknown battle between two Heroes.

PEOPLE! I DON’T KNO WHY I GOTTA SAY THIS BUT I DON’T OWN FINAL FANTASY VII OR THE ZELDA GAMES OR ANY OF THE CHRACTERS IN THEM!!! Two great Heroes from two of the most popular games (and series) of all time meet by fate. …..Which one will be victorious?
Hey everyone! It’s my first fan fiction on!!! I’ve been looking at stories here since I was like 11! But know im gonna start making fanfics! Enjoy this one!!!!! Notice Link doesn’t talk in this one!

In a forgotten wood.. that stretched out far and wide. Fog conquered the serenity…and reined for ages, making it filled with enigma…. It was between two great lands. They repelled like opposite poles, but were and yet connected.
A malachite green figure walked through the wood to explore the nature that lived in it. His steps made the sound of clanking armor and supplies. The haze escalated…. The young elf-like man looked round..the fog was enchanting in a way.. but he thought that it was too risky to go any further.. since he may lose his way back the way he came. He was still so curious, he wanted to see more what was beyond the mists… with his COURAGE, he kept walking….but the haze invaded his presence minute by minute…. A sound of steps came from the way he was walking towards.. He was alert and clutched the handle of his blade. He saw a figure not much taller than his..soon…he saw a man without the ears of his kind.. he cocked an eyebrow staring at his Large weapon and his clothing.. his eyes were a glowing aqua.. it made the youth curious... the other young man stared at him solemnly.. Suspicious of him but interested as he was. “…Who are you? What are you doing-..wait..” He continued to study him and his eyes dilated. “You…are you...L-Link?” The other nodded. He also had heard of another man like him from far away.. named Cloud. They sternly gazed at each other for a moment as the fog drifting about slowly. The spiky blonde grinned slyly and drew his gigantic sword towards Link. The Hylian smirked and gladly and casually drew his sword and shield. Cloud examined his shield cautiously and then looked up at Link, nodding to begin the duel. Link, however didn’t make a move. He obviously wanted Cloud to start.. so Cloud shrugged and bolted at Link like lightning swinging his blade. Quickly, as if an instinct, blocked the EX-Soldier’s weapon away with his, struggling to attack each other. Link thrusted Cloud’s sword the opposite way of the intentional swing and counter attacked by cutting his opponents side. Cloud Strife let out a wince of pain and held his crimson wound with the blood oozing in his hand and looked up at Link with a more solemn and dangerous glare as if this fight was true and not play. Link wanted to see if he was alright..but knew better even though his heart was good and desired to heal others…he didn’t because at the moment Cloud darted towards him but occasionally staggering with the buster sword in both hands. He felt his body build up with frustration and he mentally yelled at himself for foolishly letting himself get stricken. Link got in his ready stance with his sword and shield at the ready. Cloud’s energy sky rocketed and jumped in the air and the tip of his blade twinkled and landed to the earth, critically hurting Link while the dust from the ground floated as Cloud landed. Link on the ground in agony.. he didn’t realize his counterparts hidden power…could he get up? Cloud stared at him.. he waited…the blood of Link oozed.. how painful it was… he needed to get up… a gentle voice whispered in his heart… she urged him to stand and fight…to use his COURAGE… he then got up with all of his might… trembling, he used his blade for balance.. he looked straight forward at the golden haired man… and completely got up and ran straight for him and swung his sword in the ancient technique of the Hylian knights before him.. Cloud stumbled back and landed on the ground and let out a cry of pain.. Link’s energy was put all in the attack.. therefore he dropped on the earth.. breathing quickly… Cloud’s eyes looked over a Link.. a little annoyed! But Link got up with an effort and reached for Clouds hand and helped him rise.. Cloud look at him surprised.. not just that he helped him but he smiled at him.. and then shook his hand! Cloud’s eyes widened and mystified.. He realized that Link and himself at first wanted victory…but does it matter? Does it matter who is the strongest? Or who is the most liked? They’re unique in there own different ways… They made a friendship on that silent day… and then parted…

Yea Whateva! I kno that was whack! Fo Shizz!!!!! XD..alright comment on it but NO FLAMING! OR I’LL BEAT YO BACK!!! (Butt…I don’t wanna say the “a” word..) and plus, this story may be edited later on (minor stuffs!)

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