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"Link, must you really leave?" asked Zelda. "Yes Princess." said Link. "Why do you keep asking? I'm leaving now. Well, good-bye." "Good-bye," said Zelda with a mountain of sadness overcoming her. "Wait before I leave," said Link. "Why are you so worried about me? Zelda's face went a deep shade of red. "Well I uhhhh," Zelda stammered. "Good-bye." Zelda ran off with her face even darker red. Link shrugged and mounted Epona and set off to the neighboring country of Termina as an ambassador.

Link's memories rushed through his mind of his adventures in Termina with the Majora's Mask. Link spotted a cave to rest in. A couple minutes later Link felt a bone-chilling breeze coming from the depths of the cave. Link decided to explore the cave to see what was happening. Link found that there was an ice cavern further down the way of the cave with the entrance guarded by several ice demons. Surprisingly, once they saw who Link was they let him enter. " I wonder what this place is," thought Link. Several ice demons were patrolling the cave, but when they saw Link they stopped in their tracks and gave Link a salute and one came up and kneeled in front of Link and pointed to a treasure box covered with shining gems and precious metals and handed Link a key. Extremely confused Link tried the key in the chest's lock. Meanwhile Link was wondering why the demons were not trying to eat him alive. The chest flung open and reveled a strange blue glowing orb. The orb flew into Link's chest, and the Ice Cavern began to collapse.

Link got out in the nick of time as the entire cave collapsed. Link went about his business in Termina creating the Termina and Hyrule alliance, and met up with a few old friends. When Link decided to meet up with Romainy and her sister Cremia he discovered that the Ranch had burned down and the went to Live with their cousin Malon. It just struck Link that they're all were related the whole time. Link set out on his way back to Hyrule.

"Why was Zelda so worried about me leaving to seal the alliance? Oh well I'm only seventeen." Link wondered. "Does she have feelings for me? Before Link knew it he was entering Lake Hylia. Link noticed where he was and dismounted Epona and sent her back to Lon Lon Ranch. Suddenly Link's chest began to glow a brilliant blue, and Link passed out. Link awoke and took a look at Lake Hylia's Crystal clear water. Link gasped when he saw his reflection. He had near waist length spikey ice blue hair. and milk white eyes. Also his musles had grown about three times their original size. "You have become a being that may manupulate the element water," spoke a heavenly voice. "I am the essence of the Triforce of Courage." " What's happened to me," asked Link." It seems a former part of your essence has rejoined you." answered the Triforce of Courage. "I shall research it and help you develop your power. Here's some simple abilities for now. First consentrate on a shape of a sword in your hand." An ice sword grew in his hand. "Good," said the Triforce of Courage. "You May do this tecnique with any shape. Now, drain it back into you." Link's sword drained back into Link's body, and Link felt stronger. "Good, you may now do this to increase your strength with any water based object. Now try to move a small section of the water of the lake into the air." Link tried this and a bubble of water rose into the air. "Good, now freeze it!" The bubble froze. "Now concentrate on turning normal" Link went to his normal self. "Thank you Courage," said Link.

Just that moment Link heard a scream. It was Zelda being dragged by God knows what that thing is. Link transformed once again, and created a sword and quickly sliced off the creatures arm. The creature tried to bite Link's arm, but in vain sunk his teeth into a bock of ice ripping it away. Link took a bubble of water, and turned it into dozens of ice daggers. The daggers sunk into the creature and killed it. Link regenerated from his wound by replacing his missing arm with water and crystalized it. Link walked over to Zelda who was bewildered beyond imagination, and tured back to normal causing Zelda to be overwelmed and faint.

Link brought her back to the castle, and saw the king literally jump for joy. "What happened?" asked King Harikinian. "Well...." Link told the king what happened being careful to leave out the part of his new powers. The king's eyes narrowed to tiny slits. "Galic, THE TRAITOR!!!" yelled the king. "Uhhh, who's Galic?" asked Link. "Galic is a high ranking person of Hyrule who I'm guessing wants Zelda as a bride so he may rule Hyrule.

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