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Long ago, in Hyrule, a legend was once spoken by the people, its tales were soon carried by the winds and spread throughout the known world...

There is yet another shadow in history...this tale tells of the fate of the Hero of Time’s sister...few facts were known. But alas, the tale shall be told.

The Legend of Zelda
Ocarina of Time


The skies were black; the moonlight was hidden behind thick smog. The only source of light was a burning Hyrule castle. Fighting had broken into the streets, as the Hyrulians, both soldiers and citizens alike fought side-by-side to save their kingdom. But hope was quickly slipping away as the Gerudo army slowly began to push towards the castle. Many had already abandoned hope and deserted the cause.

Meanwhile, on the edge of town, a place that had yet to be touched by the warfare, a house stood that held something that would alter Hyrule’s fate.

A young woman was tending to a crib as a knight opened the door and hurried inside, with a hasty expression on his face, he spoke, “We must hurry, the Gerudos have already taken the castle, we must get escape.”

She looked up at him for a moment, the dusty knight that stood before her, her husband. She nodded as she picked up a small boy, the child slept, unaware of the dark atmosphere surrounding him.

Meanwhile, the knight walked over to the next crib and picked up a small little girl. She, unlike her brother, was awake. But like her brother, she didn’t realize the perilous situation her family was in and merely coo’ed and watched with innocent eyes.

The woman and her husband wrapped the children in a soft cloth, leaving only the faces exposed. They nodded and ran out the door.

There was a horse-drawn wagon waiting outside and a horse beside it, the horse belonged to the knight. Inside the wagon sat many other women, each holding a small bundle of life and possessions in their arms. Each had a fearful expression. The driver looked at the two lovers and yelled, “Please, we must depart!”

The woman climbed into the wagon, and sat near the opening, she looked at her husband in the eyes. They both knew they would never see each other again. They shared a last, loving kiss before separating. She spoke, “....goodbye.” a tear running down her cheek. Her husband, unable to say a word, mounted his horse, took one last look at his love, and galloped away.

The knight glanced down at his infant daughter and smiled faintly, “Don’t worry...daddy will protect you.”

He galloped full speed, the wind rushing past him, blowing his hair back, he neared his destination. A port city near Lake Hylia, there he would be able to safely cross the seas and make his way into Labrynna, and give his daughter a new life.

Suddenly, he felt the air split behind him, he drew his blade and slashed the arrow out of the air. He glanced over his shoulder, and noticed two figures galloping towards him, the figure in front raised its hand into the air and a ball of sinister energy began to form. “’s him!” He increased his speed two-fold, just as the figure behind him launched its attack, the knight blocked with his sword, but the force of it knocked him clear off his horse and his back slammed into a tree. His daughter began crying as he slid up into a standing position. He looked for his horse in desperation. Had his horse galloped away?

He sighed in relief as his horse stopped a few yards ahead, the knight began to make a dash towards the horse, but a warning shot caused the ground to explode a few feet ahead of him. He turned and saw a man with battle armor smile at him menacingly, the sinister man spoke, “Well, well, well...if it isn’t Hyrule’s little hero.”

The Gerudo dismounted her horse and stood beside the dark man. The knight glances at his baby and takes a few deep breaths as he tied his daughter to his back; he spoke, “Ganondorf Dragmire, I presume.”

Ganondorf nodded, “I see I’m quite popular now...that’s good.” Ganondorf drew out a long, slender bastard sword. He twirled it around. “I think I’m just about as legendary as you, hero.”

The knight twirled his sword as well, he stayed quiet. The Gerudo brandished two broadswords and laughed.

Ganondorf smiled, “What? No comeback? What a shame...I was expecting a taste of that obnoxious attitude I’ve been hearing about.”

The knight smiled and responded, “Kiss my ass.”

Ganondorf’s smile faded, but he let out a small chuckle, “Alright, then...en guarde!” Without warning, the Gerudo charged first, swinging at the hero elegantly, her blades slicing air, the knight sidestepped a vertical attack and gave her a swift roundhouse to the face, knocking her into the air and onto her back.

The hero turned in time to catch and parry Ganondorf’s hard attack. They parried each other for a few seconds before they both slammed their swords together, sparks flew at the force of the impact. At the same time the blades connected, Hyrule Castle, burst into roaring, powerful flames in the background.

Their blades locked, the two glared into each other’s eyes. The Gerudo got up slowly, picked up one of her blades and rushed the knight. The hero saw this out of the corner of his eye and planted his foot on Ganondorf’s chest, shoving him away as he turned and swung his sword towards the Gerudo’s neck, decapitating her instantly.

Ganondorf fired off a single ball of electricity and knocked the knight’s sword away as he turned. Ganondorf ran forward and landed a hard punch into the hero’s stomach; the knight stumbled backwards and fell on his knees as a single drop of blood oozed out of his mouth.

Ganondorf then floated into the air and raised both hands into the air, drawing energy. The knight looked up, his vision blurred, but he saw enough to know what was going on, he instantly tried to stand, but his legs gave out, “Dammit!!! What’s wrong with me!?”

Ganondorf laughed, “Don’t worry; I need you two to stay right there, that’s perfect.”

Above Ganondorf’s head floated hundred of little electric orbs, “Now your end!!!”

The knight grabbed his daughter from behind his back and used his body to shield her as hundreds of electric orbs struck him in the back, he yelled out in pain. His baby cried.

After the last orb struck, the hero’s body remained unmoving, steam rose slowly from his body. The only sound was the baby’s shrill cries. Ganondorf smirked, “Don’t worry, little one...I’ll end it quick.”

Just as Ganondorf reached for her, the knight rose, still clutching the baby tightly in his arms, Ganondorf, astounded, took a step backwards as the knight sent a strong right hook into Ganondorf’s face, breaking his nose and sending the villain sprawling into the grass behind.

The knight’s vision was getting worse as blood flowed from his back, he soothed his baby as he stumbled towards his horse, trying his best to hum a lullaby. When he reached his horse, he picked up his sword and impaled it into the ground. Ganondorf slowly rose, rage written all over his face. The knight saw this and tied the cloth to the horse’s saddle; the baby lay in the cloth like a hammock. Ganondorf slowly rose and summoned a larger two handed sword out of thin air.

The knight looked at his daughter lovingly as thunder rolled along in the background. Lightening etched their way across the sky. Light drops of rain sprinkled around the desolate scene.

The knight kissed his only daughter on the forehead. He slowly removed a pendent from around his neck; it had a piece of gold rupee melded into the shape of a seagull. He pulled out a small telescope with a ribbon wrapped around it out of his bag and placed both objects inside the hammock. “Aryll...I’m sorry I’ve never been much of a father. I’ve never been around you long enough to know anything about you. Please forgive me for doing this to you. Please...don’t hate me for this. This is my last birthday present for you. Stay strong...and may the goddesses watch over you.”

He stood up as a single tear rolled down his cheek, “Stay alive...” With that he smacked the horse on the side as hard as he could and the horse whinnied and galloped away. He turned to see Ganondorf laughing. Behind Ganondorf were several Moblins with scimitars. It seems he had reinforcements. The knight limped forward, pulled his sword out of the ground and stood his guard.

Then the rain, as if on cue, began to pour.


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