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"Why Do They Fear Me?"

Why Do They Fear Me?

By: Ganon751

When I rode into town today, grown men looked at me with fear.

The same way they always do.

I'm sure that all the soldiers in this castle are a little nervous that I'm here,

Even if they are all at the other end of the place.

Why are they afraid of me?

Is it because of my height?

No. That can't be it.

What about my strength, is that it?

No. They respect people with strength.

Could it be my magic that they cower back from?

No, they watch magic acts with awe and wonder.

My armor, do they fear me because of that?

No, there are plenty of other men with similar garb.

I know what it is.

It's this damned jewel and these cursed round ears.

Why did I have to be born a Gerudo?

Why couldn't I be a Hylian, like my father?

Because he couldn't have a Hylian woman love him.

They feared him because he was a murderer.

If they could only see he was defending himself.

But they never will.

If they want to fear me, then they shall all die.

After tonight, they will either bow to me, or they shall perish!

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