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By: January

It's you, isn't it?

I recognize your footsteps.

I hear you say, "Saria?"

But I don't turn. I don't speak. I can't.

I can't see you all grown up.

You're not here to see me.

You're here to help your Princess.

I am glad you cannot see my face.

I struggle with feeling.

I am ready to leap up and smile.

Laugh like I used to.

You loved my laugh.

But you're not the Kokiri boy of my heart.

You're a Hylian. Hero of Time.

I know of the seven years which you slept.

How Ganondorf destroyed my- our world.

Sage of Forest. I laugh in my head.

I have no power.

I could not save my forest.

I am trapped in my temple.

Why you? I ache inside.

I remember. You must, also.

I was happy when you were called by our guardian.

You finally had your fairy.

But I knew, when you ran past on the bridge.

Your Princess was calling.

You were leaving the forest, all of your life.

You were leaving me.

I couldn't stop you.

Did you see my eyes?

I held tears back. But it was your time.

You had to face your future.

I knew it must happen.

If you didn't leave, we would have no protection.

But I denied the truth. Why must you go?

I gave you my ocarina.

I watched silently while you disappeared.

You have another ocarina now.

Your Princess gave it to you.

You left me and I loved you.

In seven years, did you once dream of me?

Saria, green-haired girl of the woods?

All my thoughts less than seconds.

I hear you come closer, behind me.

I know of your struggles to come through

And I am torn. You are hurt, but I am dying inside.

Do I tell you my hurt? Do I greet you with joy?

I know you were never mine. Must I be mad?

The choice is now. My time is up.

I turn and face my own future.

Sage of Forest, my choice is made.

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