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“Weak and Strong”

Weak and Strong

By: Chibi Sakura

No one knows.

No one cares.

No one has the idea,

that we are all weak,

we are all strong.

All the same.

Strong and weak,

are equal in our bodies.

Even me,

a hero,

is weak.

Both weak and strong.

Did you know?

Will you understand?

I have been weak,

both weak and strong.

When I am weak,

I rest.

Then I become strong.

But when the last of my strength,

leaves my body,

I am weak again.

It is a cycle.

A cycle of life.

Yes, I am part of it.

Me, the Hero of Time.

If a child wants to be,

just like me,

I say: Be strong,

be weak.

If you are weak,

you soon will be strong.

If you cry,

soon you will dry the tears.

Heros, like me,

can be,

sad, yes we can be sad.

Be strong, be weak.

It's all the same.

It's just a part,

of life's difficult game.

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