Poetry by Daniel Umberger
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"Warrior Unknown"

Warrior Unknown

By: Daniel Umberger

Long ago in a distant land filled with beauty and magic, a dark cloud slowly covered all.

And out of the clouds sprang forth an unspeakable evil.

Its skin seemed as black as the night.

Dagger-like claws extended from its fingers,

And teeth that could crush a man protruded from its gaping mouth.

This beastly creature struck terror into the hearts of the mightiest warriors.

Anybody foolish enough to oppose the darkness and fight fell quickly.

Using powerful dark magic, it cast the land and all of the people in it into eternal darkness.

Those not strong enough to resist the creature's magic perished and transformed into horrible monsters.

Those who did survive lived in agony.

For many years not a single ray of light could pierce the clouds and disperse the darkness,

But nothing lasts forever.

Seemingly, from out of nowhere, a brave knight appeared,

And with him he carried the bane of all evil, a sword forged by the gods.

The warrior made his way to the castle that housed the beast, facing many hardships along the way.

At last, the knight arrived in front of the creature.

Not impressed by his new opponent, it threw back its head and laughed, filling the chamber with its putrid breath.

The warrior said nothing, but only stared unblinking into the creature's eyes, making it uneasy.

Finally, the beast had had enough and charged him at blinding speed.

The warrior fell to the ground, but picked himself up.

Frustrated, it hit him again and again,

But each time the warrior stood back up, unfazed by its onslaught.

Exhausted and sweating profusely, the creature yelled at him, asking why he did not fall.

And the warrior, for the first time, opened his mouth and answered, "A burning candle can light one's way in the darkness.

And the darkness cannot extinguish the candle."

The creature's gaze was locked onto him as he continued, "Don't you see, I am not effected by you attacks because darkness is incapable of extinguishing light."

Enraged by the speech the beast charged for the last time.

The warrior unsheathed his sword, and swung with mighty force, creating a divine wind that blew the dark clouds away.

And finally, the beast fell to the ground beaten.

Wiping the blood off of his sword, he sheathed it, walked out of the castle, and vanishing as mysteriously as he appeared, readying himself for the next time a great evil shall arise.