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“Triforce Falls”

Triforce Falls

By: Haiku

Haha, little boy?


say sir.

why should i?

i said so!



sir, you may---

don't talk to me taht way!

fight me you beak-nosed freak!


You fight good.

You would too.

die freak!

Your weak!

It falls through your chest like a flying arrow, burying itself deep.

I will not weep!

Gannon, you are dead, for you shall weep over your death, maybe they will spare you.

I doubt they would do that.

For that, you are correct.

yet, would i be able to select a final wish?

I think that would be wrong of me to lie.

so is that yes?


I want a last wish! a man needs it!


Give me the triforce.

I can't do that.

You said i could have a last wish.

but taht would allow you to make more than one request. NO.

Stupid kid, you will pay for this!

Whatever you.......NO!!!

I hold the gift, the spell of death I lift! makes this gold land and eternal power MY GIFT!!!

Oh my.

Don't cry, little boy!!!

Good bye.

Get Back!

But he fled, careful not to tread, on Gannons power.

I am safe.

what have i done?

He will be able to have so much fun.

But.......will my world be done?

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