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By: Joseph the Sheikiah

Authors Note: Hello readers.  I am Joseph, warrior Sheikiah. I am informing you that this poem is from Sheik's point of view from inside Zelda. You'll understand what I mean when you read this.


That's what I am.

Trapped inside this female's mind.

I remember the day I was lodged into her mind like it was yesterday.

I was a young man when Impa and the sleeping princess came in on a white stallion.

The Sheikiah were proud to see her, but I knew something was wrong when she looked at me.

At night, she came over to my house.

She told me that this princess was in grave danger, and as Impa was the leader of the Sheikiah, she gave me an order.

An order that changed my life.

She told me to use my magic to become one with the princess, literally.

She said that once inside her, I could lodge her mind away while I could transform her body into a man's and use my mind and do vice versa for the princess' mind.

She told me that in that mode, I had to be a guardian, because she, the great Impa, had to leave for seven years to defend the Shadow Temple.

She said I would need to protect Zelda for seven year until the time was right.

She also said I would never be able to leave Zelda's mind.

I knew I would loose my friends and my family, and especially my little brother Joseph, but I accepted because Impa told me that I would be helping the world be saved.

But now, the day after the Hero of Time went back to his own time, I sulk.

Sulk in the mind of this female.

While she lives her normal life, I have none.

While she eats at her banquets, I cannot taste no more.

I am just a spirit, trapped in the mind of this girl.

And even as I slip slowly into insanity, I swear I'll get revenge.

I swear it on my torn trapped heart....

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