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"To Where the Rive GoesĒ

To Where the River Goes

Compiled by: Inori

My dear Zelda:

I will always be with you

No matter where I be.

No matter what the distance between us,

My love will still be for you.

To where the river goes,

Iíll be there waiting.

My love is that river,

And it will always lead you to me.

No matter what obstacles are in the way

whether be mountains or canyons,

Follow the river I left

and itíll lead you to me.

To where the river goes

is where you must go to find me.

To where that river goes,

Iíll always be there waiting.

My dearest Zelda,

When you do get to read this,

I wonít be able to return.

I lost the battle against Majora

And Terminia will never see the light again.

Remember my river,

My river of love,

And you shall find me waiting for you.

I understand if you canít see the river I left,

Because it canít be seen.

My river lies in your heart,

So follow your heart.

Does this all make sense,

My dearest Zelda?

Following a river in your heart,

That I myself laid?

Iím sure it does, doesnít it?

Donít cry for me,

My love.

Iím finally where Iím wanted,

It was most likely destiny.

Donít cry for me,

Zelda, my dear.

For if you follow the river,

Iíll be there waiting.

To where the river goes,

Is where Iíll be waiting.

For where the river flows,

It will always lead you to me.

I love you always,