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ďTo Be FreeĒ

To Be Free

By: JT Laws


Free, unfettered,

I wish I were free.

To dream of what

I wish could be.

Hero, saviour,

All that and more.

Hero of Time,

My childhood gone.

Twice Iíve been called,

And twice Iíve answered.

Hyrule, then Termina,

Can I take much more?

I want to go home.

Do I need to do more?

I want to live my life,

I want to be free.

Yet I know I will answer.

I will answer the call.

I canít turn my back.

Me, protector of all.

So I take up my sword,

And I take up my shield,

And I ask, I pray,

That this will be the end.


Free, unfettered,

I wish I was free.

To dream that what

I wish could be.

Princess, ruler,

All that and more.

Protector of Hyrule,

My childhood gone.

I have been called,

And I have answered.

Iíve helped save Hyrule,

Can I take much more?

I want to go back.

Need I do more?

Why does fate do this?

Is it meant to be cruel?

Yet I know I must answer.

I must answer the call.

To turn my back now,

Would mean the ruin of all.

Though I have no sword,

And I have no shield,

I will fight, and I hope,

That it will come to an end.

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