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ďThe Same Old StoryĒ

The Same Old Story

By: January

Itís the same old story, Hyrule

You take the road for glory, or

Shut the door and the light goes out

Others came before me, felt your cold and rain

Sons and daughters turned around and left your hills behind

Trails across the wilderness to barren hills and plains

Ragged bands in search of where the western winds begin

Threads across the centuries, your children scattered far

Itís the same old story, Hyrule

I have made the journey, left an open door

I took he road for glory and I left my native shore

Others came out with me for what is there to choose

If thereís nothing for you, then thereís nothing left to lose

Trails to where the cities spring from deserts and from plains

Where the mountains lead to oceans and the western winds begin

Threads to where the roads and the rivers travel far

Itís the same old story, Hyrule

I come home a stranger, rupees in my hand

I see the anxious faces, itís a look I understand

Another generation, same old worry lines

Gazing past my shoulder to the light on the horizon

And the trails across the ages in a long unbroken line

Maybe one day they wonít have to leave your hills behind

To take the road in search of the elusive western wind

Will you keep them satisfied so they donít wander far

Thatís another story, Hyrule

Thatís another story, Hyrule

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