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“The Night Mido Went Crazy”

The Night Mido Went Crazy

By: Chibi Sakura

It was a dark stormy night,

all cold and wet.

It was also the night,

the Kokiri wouldn't forget.

Young Mido was sleeping,

dreaming of candy.

But when the clock struck midnight,

Mido didn't feel quite so dandy.

His eyes were glowing,

a bright shade of red.

Then the young boy shouted,

"I want all of you dead!"

Mido saw the twins' house,

so he decided to bomb it.

And inside he found pieces,

of cute Chilla and Chomit.

Then he took a flame thrower,

and barbecued Picken.

Then Mido took a bite,

and said: "It tastes just like chicken!"

Mido whacked Booboo,

and watched him fly.

Then he said, "Happy landings to you,

I really hope you die!"

The night Mido went crazy,

the night that would be in Hyrule fame.

The night Mido went crazy,

all caused by all the sugar he ate.

Mido stabbed Rae,

and shot Kiki to the ground.

When he was finished with Yerk,

peace was nowhere to be found.

Bachi screamed,

as he was pushed off a cliff.

Then Mido blasted,

Bubba and Biff.

But when the remaining Kokiri,

thought all was lost,

Link entered the forest,

and said: "Mido, eat frost!"

Link shot Mido,

with an arrow of ice.

And soon enough,

Mido was nice.

But even though Mido,

was saved from being wild and gory,

the Kokiri wanted revenge,

but that's another story.

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