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The Master Sword

The Master Sword

By: January

I saw you walking towards me

So young then, just a child

Your eyes matched the hue of my hilt

You took me in your small hands

Pulled at me with all of your might

And the golden-green light shone down from the window

Onto your glowing face and golden hair

And the goddesses proclaimed you

Link, the Hero of Time.

Ganondorf stepped out of the shadows then

Tall and regal, armored and strong

And he reached into the Sacred Realm

And took the great Triforce in his gloved hand

And his eyes glowed amber

Like the fire that wrapped him like a cloak

And he threw his head back and laughed at you

For you were just a child to attempt the goddesses

And he was Ganondorf, the Evil King.

You cried out and lifted me awkwardly

Your small arms no power held, no strength

And you swung my glistening blade toward your foe

But Ganondorf laughed because you were so foolish

And struck you across the face with his gloved hand

You fell to the ground with blood in your eyes

And he kicked you once and you cried out

He kicked you twice and you lay still and pale

You clutched me possessively even unconscious.

Seven years you lay sleeping, enchanted

You never released my glowing hilt that matched your blue eyes

And I watched you grow slowly

Tall and strong, a grown man

And I waited my time to be raised in combat

Seven years’ dust fell on the dust of centuries

But I knew this time would be the glory I had wanted

For you were called the Hero of Time

And I was to be by your side, your shining Master Sword.

At last the spell left your closed eyelids

And you awoke to a Hyrule tortured and torn

You looked on with dismay

For you never were all that brave, I know

Until Farore of Courage gave you her token

To wear on your hand and your heart

And you placed me in the sheath I had not seen for centuries

And strapped me to your broad back

And your blue eyes reflected the blue of my hilt.

You had been a foolish boy, a country lad

With unruly sunshine curls and gay, innocent blue eyes

You took pride in each stone unturned, each shrub sent running

And you marveled at the expanse of the world.

Now you were a strong young man, a handsome youth

Whose long golden hair made you appear fiercer

And your blue eyes were no longer innocent, but dangerous, yet still laughing

And you felt no pain and nothing could ever surprise you again.

You were grown and had the weapon of a master in your hand.

I could feel your heartbeat against my light-played blade

And I felt your footsteps upon the beaten path

You carried me into mountain high and caverns low

And when you were in danger, I leapt to your hand

And guided you to victory by swift stroke and twisting stab

When every battle was over, you knelt and thanked the goddesses

And you thanked the Sages and the Triforce

And then, under your breath, you thanked me

Your companion who never faltered, gleaming blade.

We were one creature, courage and death

No demon of hell could stand before us

Handsome hero and shining sword

We smiled fiercely through sweat and blood

I felt your exultation upon flesh-cutting stroke

Your carnal instinct relishing the feel of pain and battle

You saw the light dance upon my steel

When I loved the danger and the live-or-die

Bloodthirsty pair of warriors, one living, one cold.

The power coursed down my glowing blade

As I hurled Ganon’s death surges back at the evil one

And each swing of a legend-bound weapon

Threw death a glancing blow with a flourish

Your sweat-damp golden hair fell into your eyes

As you battled evil fiery power with defiant living-green courage

Your blue eyes alight as the enemy stumbled and fell

And you stepped forward to deliver the killing stroke

And I, the Master Sword, was in your callused hand.

Now you walk slowly into the Temple

Not reverent, but only sad

The misery in your blue eyes matches the glow of my hilt

You take me in your gloved, strong hand

Push down with all the might you have gained

And the silver-blue light shone down from the window

Onto your scarred face and golden hair

And the tear that falls is mixed with blood and sweat

And we bid farewell to each other.

The light, plain, simple white sunshine

Shines down from the window onto your face

Your child’s face, round and innocent and smiling

Your child’s eyes, gay and innocent and blue

Your fairy flies towards the light

Without a farewell or a nod

And you turn, strong with all that you have learned

Farore’s token on your hand and your heart

And the light of truth and glory shines on you and I.

For you are to stay a child again

And I am to let the dust fall and dull my gleaming blade

You are to keep your gay, innocent eyes

And return to a peaceful life in the forest

Without memories of blood and power

Ringing down my blade and against your hands

I let light play against the steel

In a final display of love for you

Link, the Hero of Time. The Master Sword.

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