Poetry by Shelly Byrne
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Untitled Poem


By: Shelly Byrne

I am the last of my race,

Waiting in my shadowy place,

With all my might I try,

But this I cannot deny,

This is not where I belong,

Singing a beautiful little song,

I belong with my kind,

In what to do I am blind,

I want so bad to know,

In the moonlight's silent glow,

What happened to my race?

I run with mysterious grace,

Why was I spared among them?

My hopes are growing dim,

The sun rises once more,

My muscles are still sore,

A child walks in the room,

He proclaims evil's doom,

Could he be the chosen one?

After all look what he has done,

He has the spiritual stone,

And the fairy that won't leave him alone,

Yes, he is the one,

Hyrule's courageous son

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