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By: January

With a shield on his back and a sword in his hand

The little boy leaves to roam the land...

He's leaving you behind.

He's learned from life and he's met new friends

Though he promised you his love would never end...

And you cry.

He's challenged fate and he beat it too

A dangerous glint in his eyes of blue...

He's leaving you behind.

He's won the war and he's won the fight

He's saved the world from the falling night...

And you cry.

But even heroes don't live forever

It's time to end his brave endeavor...

He's leaving you behind.

He's been called to another's hand

He's going off to roam a brand new land...

And you cry.

You see he's hurting as his life fades away

You try but you can't keep death at bay...

He's leaving you behind.

You look in his eyes but you can't tell him why

A little boy like him just has to die...

And you cry.

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