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“Proud Manor”

Proud Manor

By: Haiku

Yet i ask of you.

What have you do?

You have earned money.

But i got power!

hero of time, savor of Termania!

Defeator of the Gerudo, Master of Mask!!!

Drink from this flask, at my wealth.

On my shealf, lies my sword.

Of many it has gourd!

My sling.

Of many i can do more than wing.

I do what witha  sling i can do witha  bow.

And i have that too!

I can do shoot a animal a 100 yards!

Some day, Bards will sing of me!

Poems of great---

Link! stop gloating!

Your still bloating!

Sorry Saria.

I heard it a hundred times, the 'adventures of Link.....'

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