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By: JT Laws

I see the blood,

See it dripping,




Falling to the sand.

Falling from my hand.

In it I see the pain.

Pain of a thousand lives I've taken,

Of the hundreds that I have hurt.

I see the blood, the pain.

I see the stains,

So many stains,

My tunic,

My sword,


Tarnished with blood,

Covered with pain.

Where will it end?

My enemies are gone,

All my foes vanquished.

All I am left with is pain.

All the hurt I've endured,

The injuries I've suffered,

All for what?

All gone,

All lost.

My childhood gone,

My family,

My unknown family, Slain.

It’s gone. Lost.

Forever, they’re gone.

Nothing remains except pain.

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