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"Link's Note of Shame"

Link's Note of Shame

By: xxOni-Linkxx

I know we were always close

and maybe there was a connection

but I can't stay with you cause

I give Malon my Affection

With pride and courage

I walk away and take my stand

I now choose my partner

and our love flows like sand

I will never ever forget you

Your always in my heart

but I go with someone else now

and now we have to part

I remember when I saw you

it was like we met before

You told me about Ganon

And then there was the war

I will always be here

just in case Ganon comes back

His evil's like a sharp point

I'll refer him as a Tack

So just to let you know

you can always come over

We live in Lon Lon Ranch

so come see me and my lover

I have to stop writing

I end this little poem

when someone says Link

you can say"I know Him"

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