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"Newly Broken Heart"

Newly Broken Heart

By: Princess of Destiny

You were the only one I really cared for,

The only man I ever loved.

But my feelings for you are not the same,

As yours are for me.

You have found your own love in this world,

And you and her are meant to be.

And although I feel happy for your new found love,

I grieve more for my new lost one.

Now that you and her are together,

You suddenly feel so distant, so far away.

And all I feel is solitude and emptiness inside me.

How can I live on in the way?

And my duty as future queen of this fair land pf Hyrule,

Will now never be fulfilled.

For I cry these words now, before I depart from this world,

Which to you are just the quiet cries,

Of a newly broken heart.

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