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Nameless Family

Namless Family

By: January

In Kakariko, when Link was young

There was a girl who tended cuccoos.

There was a carpenter boss, always frustrated

And there was a depressed young man.

And when Link was old, in Kakariko

There was a girl who bred cuccoos.

There was an old hag in a potion shop

And there was a bright blue Cuccoo.

And it the hot Gerudo Valley

There was a frustrated carpenter boss.

And deep in the treacherous Lost Woods

There was a despairing young man.

But what no one ever speaks of

Is the Nameless Family.

Whom you never saw all together

And who never gets along.

It's sad, very sad indeed

For the poor allergic girl never leaves her post

And the carpenter never is obeyed.

And the hag never has loved her children.

The poor young man always wanders

Never a bright spot in his life.

And when Link does him a favor

The young man is lost forever.

Daughter, Father, Mother, Son,

There's only one way to bring them together

And that is through a cuccoo, some mushrooms,

A potion, and saw. And even then, they do not meet.

It's sad, very sad indeed

For this lonely unhappy family

All we can hope is that soon or later

They will finally reconcile.

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