Poetry by Chibi Sakura
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“My Name is Link”

My Name is Link

By: Chibi Sakura

I am a legend

A hero to all

Yet I'm so young,

so weak and so small.

I lived in a forest,

with leaves of pure green.

My home of which to many,

a beautiful scene.

But I had to leave

on a task I could not refuse.

If I did not accept,

my life I would lose.

So off I started,

sword in my hand.

To save the people,

and my sweet, fair homeland.

I completed my quest,

my soul left to die.

I am remembered by all,

their fondness of me reaching up to the sky.

I am loved by many,

and yet I think,

I never knew I would be so important,

for just a young boy named Link.

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