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"Mean Green Hatred"

Mean Green Hatred

By: Haiku


What is it all supposed to mean?

We all wear green green green

This place where children abound,

Where green is in the trees and the ground,

Everywhere I look around. GREEN!!!

It is getting on my nerves.

I look in my drawers.


More green.

Only my boots aren't green.

Why is that?

Kokiri live around green 24-7,

And they don't tire of it.

If anybody in this forest likes green the best.

.Even the thought makes me need a rest!

Black- *smack*! I will whack smack and kick you in the back if you like green!

Red- No one has yet fled from red, but I will be mean to green!

Green- No! me no like green!!! Some kid says, looking at there green beans,

    trying to fend off there mom attacking there mouth with a spoonful of that icky green!

Green- Icky, Mean! That is what I think of green! Overused in this forest,

    where green is seen day to night, while you write, and is even seen when the forest in sight, all over the ground.

Green is sort of pretty. No, No! Me not like green!.

    Well, it is seen in the trees and on the ground. No, NO!

I twist 'round, seeing green. I go pee, I see green!

I trip on the ground, making my head pound, what do I see? Green!!!.

    But green cushioned my fall.No! I tripped on a green ball!!!.

    Green in the forest makes me feel lively!.No! I walked right into Poison Ivy!!! Itchy!

Green! The color of a witch who has a itch right in that niche of her nose right where a tiny flea stays! Green!

Green puke- Gross!

Green aloevera- soothing. No! did I just say that?!

Green Lime- rhyme and lime! It is time for lime, with a rhyme. AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!

I'm messing up my green rhyme with a lime rhyme, time to stop that!

Green is good, green is nice (yea, right!)

Never eat green rice

Or green mice.

But red is nice.

*hello Saria, come in*

I think green is nice.

Shut up, Saria.

Youre just crabby Link, maybe I could fix you some green stew>

Shut up

How about green.

You bug me!

How about a hot mug of green tea!

Not funny.

At least you don't have green pee!

Still not funny.

Trees are green

Grass is green

Nature is green!

Are you saying that you don't like nature?!

I like nature, It's just. Green! Everyday!!!

When I'm mean, I'm wearing green!

When I eat rice, I'm wearing green!!

When I see forest mice, I'm wearing green!!!

Wearing green, what does it mean? Green?

Green is good, green is fine,

But stuff that is mine needs to be other than green.

I didn't know that you could rhyme.

Shut up, Saria.

Stop saying that!


Shut up! I've lived longer than you, and I've worn green everyday of my life! I'M not tired of green.

Then you've seen too much green.

What's that supposed to mean?!

Forest Sage! You're the Forest Sage! You're around green 24-7, from eight to eleven!

    When have I not been around green, little miss never-mean!

You could run around naked?

Shut up.

Stop saying that.

Shut up, I will.

Stop it!

Shut up, green thing.




You look like you've been mauled!

At least I will grow to be over four feet tall!

Shut up!

I thought you didn't like shut up? Now your saying it!

Okay, Link, be quiet.

That means the same thing!

Ooohhhh!. You're getting on my nerves!

Link, want a nice green necklace?

No! I don't like green!

I like Green bell peppers with green trout. wait! I hate green things!

How about green eggs and ham?

Shut up.

Are you going to start that again?

Be quiet!!!

Face it, you like green!

No I don't!

You're just tired of green clothes, right?


But you like green trout and green bell peppers, right?

*sigh* I guess.

My my, your just tired of green clothes.

Yes, I told you that!

Well, then just buy yourself some non-green clothes.

I don't like to shop.

Then quit gripping!

Okay. What does green eggs and ham taste like?

Don't know, never tasted.

Has then been time wasted?

Come over to my house, dinner is ready.

Is it green trout and bell peppers?

No, why?

Because I just remembered, I don't like green trout and bell peppers.

Shut up.

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