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"Majora's Downfall"

Majora's Downfall

By: Black Dawg

I should have been,

I could have been,

I would have been the notorious Majora's Mask,

If it wasn't for that damned little green boy.

I was a powerful mask,

Ready to take over the world,

But because of that little green boy,

My end is beginning to unfold.

I cursed the giants (into monsters),

Of the directions north, south, east and west,

So they wouldn't interfere with my plans,

Of putting Clock Town to rest.

To do so I cursed the moon,

To come crashing down in 3 days,

But that little green boy just had to stop me,

And seemed to have found a way.

He started with Woodfall (in the south),

And defeated Jungle Masked Warrior Odolwa,

But I assumed he wouldn't get far,

So I just laughed, HAW! HAW!

He then Goroned himself to Snowhead (in the north),

And defeated Mechanical Monster Goht,

It seems that his strategy was turning into a Goron with spikes,

And just roll right after the big oaf!

I became a little concerned,

When he hit the Temple of Great Bay (in the west),

For he just fillet o' fish Gargantuan Masked Gyorg,

And pushed of on his way, THAT LITTLE PEST!

I became very angry,

When he sliced and diced Twinmold (in the west)

But then I became ecstatic,

For now I can destroy him with my powers to uphold. OH YES!

On the stroke of midnight,

The last day of the three,

That little green boy went straight to the top of the tower,

To try and stop me!

That little green boy whipped out his ocarina,

And played the Oath to Order,

Time was ticking away,

And Clock Town's population rate was getting shorter.

Of the north, south, east, and west,

The giants I cursed came from all directions,

To stop the moon,

From destroying its connection.

I however could not put up with this,

So I teleported myself up the moons' surface.

The moons' eyes became red,

And its strength became strong,

Even with the giants' power,

It was nothing compared to my own.

But still that little green boy pursued!

On the surface of the moon,

There were 5 children,

One was sitting along,

So I decided to befriend him.

The little green boy saw the other 4 children,

And the 4 children said,

"We want your masks",

So the little green boy game them to them.

The little green boy had to go through dungeons,

To play hide and seek,

A lot of sweat off my back (which I don't have),

So I just went to sleep.

Then all of a sudden,

The little green boy was standing right in front of me,

He saw and then challenged me!

Since all of his prizes were gone,

This should prove to be an easy task,

But then I decided to give him,

The Fierce Deity's Mask.

The mask's power was a match to my own,

I needed some competition

So I said, "Lets give it a go!"

The battle started out with me as Majora's Mask,

But this boy had a mirror shield,

So he deflected my attacks.

It became really rough,

When I became Majora's Incarnation,

For this was the second to last transformation,

And I was having a lot of vexation.

It all came down to me,

Transforming into Majora's Wrath,

But then for him,

He put on the Fierce Deity's Mask!

The little green boy I despised,

Was no longer a little green boy,

For he transformed into an adult,

A sword and no shield,


My strength was weakening,

And his was growing,

But it all turned out,

That I lost without even knowing.

All my precious plans,

All my dedicated work,

Was destroyed by a little green boy,


I'm now just a memory,

Soon to be forgotten,

Oh how that little green boy is the core:


I've forgotten the name,

Of that little green boy,

Now let me think,

For I will forever remember it of my defeat.....



Don't worry my dear fans,

For I will be back once more,

To wreak havoc,

On this HERO infested world!