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"Legend in the Making"

Legend in the Making

By: Clayton

In a land of past, a long time ago,

There lived a hero, who we all know,

From his dreams, evil did creep,

His destiny showing, his courage did seep,

Saving the races, that the goddesses so love,

He made Hyrule safe, sun shining above,

And when all was said, and when all was done,

To the castle he went, no time for fun,

For dark ominous clouds grew, over Hyrule's tranquil sky,

He met evils face, eye to eye,

And when the challenge was met, on the floor our hero lay,

Watching the flowers grow, and the tall trees sway,

Receiving magical gifts to help him on his quest,

He wished his princess Zelda his very best,

For they were both on a journey, full of hardships and trial,

The run to the temple was his longest mile,

With the master sword, time flew by fast,

He traveled to the future, present, and past,

Many new skills and friends he made along the way,

The time had come to make Ganondorf pay,

The fight was hard-fought, the battle he won,

He rescued princess Zelda, his journey now done,

With a quiver of her lip, and a sparkle in her eye,

She sent Link back, before he'd said his "Good-bye"

Zelda sent him back to his past, but his star does shine,

That's the story of Link. Hero Of Time.