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"Kokiri Forest"

Kokiri Forest

By: Haiku

I yearn for the kokiri forest.

In spring, the trees and flowers are in bloom.

In fall, trees turn orange and red, and look like fire.

In winter, the pine trees look beatiful with rings of snow on there branches,

and I sit by the fire of friends house, sipping hot tea and talking away the hours.

But, alast, I am on a quest!

For if I decide to go to kokiri forest, I will only get to savor these things once more.

Then, the evil will sweep of the forest, and the chilldren will hide in there houses, afraid of the invaders from outside.

There will be destruction, and violence. Kokiri forest would be no more than an empty forest, inhabited by monsters.

I yearn for kokiri forest, but now I am off!

I will see you again, friends and forest!

For I have a quest, and to neglect it would mean all of our ends.

So good-bye and so long, for it is time to go.