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"Keep Hoping"

Keep Hoping

By: Zero

This poem is dedicated to the victims of terrorism all over the world.

If the bleak road of life is covered with soot,

And the weight is too heavy to bear,

Just keep up the bubble of hope in your heart

And keep telling yourself "I'll get there."

Because if you lift up your face to the sky,

To shout your defiance of wrong,

The sweet rain of life will fall onto the ground,

The trail won't be this cold for long.

If everything beautiful's dying around you,

Death may be tempting your heart.

If you take the easy way over the right,

Your world will burn in the dark.

Don't stray from the path of the golden sun,

This road is the only way.

If you're faithful to life, as the Earth itself turns,

The dim night will transform into day.