Poetry by Chibi Sakura
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"I Want to Go Back"

I Want to Go Back

By: Chibi Sakura

Kafei lifted his head.

He felt so alone.

No matter what he did,

pain wouldn't leave.

Why do I cry?

He would ask himself this.

Was I meant to cry,

to feel trapped in a box.

Kafei felt he was in a box,

a box filled with loneliness and tears.

He cried some more, then fell asleep.

Thinking, I want to go back...

Link was sitting in a land.

A land that wasn't Hyrule.

He wanted to cry.

But I am the Hero of Time,

he would tell himself.

Link always thought that he shouldn't cry.

He was a hero, he had never cried before.

But he longed to be in Hyrule again,

to see Zelda, to know he was loved.

He was loved and wanted it to be showed.

This time, for once, I'll cry, Link thought.

He began to cry, then he muttered,

"I want to go back..."

The postman stood in front of his mirror.

He saw something, he saw a mess.

That mess was him.

He only obeyed his schedule.

He made that choice, to obey that schedule.

But now he wanted to be a child.

A carefree child, doing nothing but playing.

Like the children he saw so often in the streets.

He wanted to go back in time, to make better choices,

so he wouldn't spend his little free time looking in the mirror,

saying, " I want to go back".

Skull Kid lay in the forest.

He felt that he was filled with shame.

He had no friends.

But it was his fault he didn't.

He played those mean tricks on his friends,

they fought then left.

All Skull Kid could remember from his friendship,

was punches and kicks and screams and blood.

Then he lost his fairy named Tatl.

All because of that stupid mask.

The mask took control and seperated him from the fairy.

"She hates me." whispered Skull Kid.

He thought that the mask would not cause trouble,

but it did, it made the moon fall, it made him hurt an innocent boy,

it made him steal, it made him make people sad.

Skull Kid wanted to go back and change things.

To keep his friends and never find that mask.

He wanted only one thing:

I want to go back...