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“Final Goodbye”

Final Goodbye

By: Andromeda

Clear sapphire eyes

Stare back at me,

As my angel and I float near the heavens

In the deep crystal skies above.

Destiny races forth

To break my burning desire,

Shattering my heart,

Like a rose in a desolate shadow.

To hold all eternity

In the palm of my hand,

My heart aches for the love

Of my fair princess.

The love I'd kept

Locked away from the world,

Races forth now,

Running down my face, as a single pearl.

How I wish I'd confessed

My undying devotion,

To give her my heart

And be united as one.

Illusions of the mind

Begin to take hold;

While I look at her, with tears in my eyes

Wishing on the stars to extend this final goodbye.

Magical strains float through the air,

As we look at eachother one last time,

While a single tear trickles down my cheek,

And the final note whispers goodbye.