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"Fighting for Eternity"

Fighting for Eternity

By: Cloud Angel

This is how my life works like,

I must save the Hyrule city.

If I cannot win a battle,

I will feel my pity.

Fighting for Eternity,

forever, I will do.

I have to fight with all my might,

for Zelda, and others too.

My confidence will guide me,

until the very end, indeed.

I'm always happy to help my friends,

whenever they are in need.

In a dangerous world, I live,

I must face my fears.

I just cannot bare to lose,

either Din, or my peers.

I've got to have confidence,

to win every fight.

I will win the battles,

with all of my might.

Fighting for Eternity,

now that, I must do.

I have to fight until the end,

for Zelda and others, too.

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