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"Fight the Mask"

Fight the Mask

By: Haiku

I fight the mask, it was such a task.

Skullkid beeing used, abused.

Majora in turmoil

Wish i could stop and smell the Flora.

One last time.

I look to the sky, i see it coming.

and it scares me.

There lies the tower.

Yet i have to power.

To wait 3 more days.

Should i wait?

My head says yes

but my Heart says NO!

Says i must go on.

For all will die.

and to say i don't care would be a lie.

ok. i have made-up my mind.

In i go.

to fight it out blow-by-blow.

I shall come out with the vile mask in tow.

oh woe, its almost time, the ground shakes!

My knees quake, yet i could go back to the lake, and wait 3 more days.

3 days.

not a long ways.

but no!!!


i shall fight!

I hold my sword high, and i fight, to the death!

I shall stop this all!!!