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Far, Far Away

Far, Far Away

By: January

Impa lifts me onto Prophecy, then swings up behind.

The black mask over her lower face is the Sheikah mourning.

Her eyes are flame one moment, fear the next.

I feel her arms around me. She is tense.

Without speaking, she spurs Prophecy to the gate.

The white horse's hooves beat a tattoo.

It reminds me of pounding heartbeats.

Impa and I gallop through the marketplace.

People leap aside. We cannot stop.

We have precious seconds before Ganondorf is chasing.

We dash across the drawbridge. The figure before us jumps.

It is the forest boy, Link. But he is too late.

Quick, before Impa stops me, I catch his gaze.

Like an arrow, the ocarina shoots from my hand.

I hope he finds it. Now he must protect the Triforce, alone.

I glance back just once. Now I see three black shapes.

It is Ganondorf after us. Link stands in his way.

Helplesly I watch. Ganondorf stikes him.

Impa turns me forward, speaking.

"We must strengthen him from afar.

You have failed and won in your quest.

The evil man will have the Triforce.

But as long as the boy lives, there will be some good.

We all have a role to play, Princess of Destiny.

He will be Hero of Time.

I spoke to Rauru, the Sage.

He told us thus, I and few others

We eight will be the strongholds of Hyrule.

You, Link, the forest girl, Darunia, the Zora,

A theif, Rauru and I will stand.

Do not fear, yet fear very much, Princess.

All is not lost. Though evil may come,

Goodness shall hide in the crevices.

For now, we must flee. Out of his reach.

We must go far, far away..."