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Fairy Chatter

Fairy Chatter

By: January

Guess what!


I have a boy to belong to!

That's great, Navi! At last!

His name's Link. Deku Tree said he is the future of Hyrule.

That sound eerie.

Don't be silly! It'll be fun!

Gee, I wish I could go places.

Oh. Hows Saria?

She's been getting these weird dreams about Link.

Did she see Deku Tree?

He wouldn't tell her.

Is that you? Navi?

It's been so long!

What's happened to you?

Where have you been?

I've been with Link. He's big! A real Hylian!

Oh. Has he changed a lot?

I don't think so. He seems the same- brave and stupid.

Saria changed, too.

How was she when Link left?

Didn't you see her eyes?

Oh. Where's she now?

In the Forest Temple, waiting.