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“Evil Won Me Nothing”

Evil Won Me Nothing

By: Mega-X

I fall before the young lad's feet, my cape is ripped and torn.

I have failed my evil quest, my plan of darkness worn.

I couldn't overcome my selfishness,

my greed has cut me like a thorn.

The young lad has defeated me, and that I do admit.

The lad has stood the victor, and I the dying bitch.

My evil that covered up the land, has now begun to cease.

The lad has brought in back the good, returning in the peace.

Evil will control you, as it did to me.

It will pull your strings, in its own puppetry.

You shall play the role, as the worthless slave.

Soon it shall betray you, even after all you gave.

Soon the evil will become you, turning into your own heart,

this is when it shreds you, tearing you apart.

So do not obey the evil, because when it's done it will leave you rotting,

do not obey that evil, because it wins you nothing...