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"Dust in the Wind"

Dust in the Wind

By: Clayton

Slowly, silently the wind howls hard,

Across the dark grass and through her yard,

Gently, lightly the moonlight gleams,

Across babbling brooks and wandering dreams,

This-way and that she peers and sees,

Wondrous fruit, upon beautiful trees,

Loneliness is one, no woman should feel,

Her heart does wait for a man to steal,

But all is fair in love and war,

The perfect man is whom she waits for,

The one thing you want, is what you can't get,

But that doesn't detour her current mind-set,

The "Fairy-boy" Link is whom she doth love,

As she stares at the stars, shining above,

Some things in life you just can't contend,

When you feel like your life is Dust in the Wind.