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"A Day in the Life of Our Hero"

A Day in the Life of Our Hero

By: Lach Webster

It's time to save Hyrule,

This is gonna' be cool!

I'll stop for fishing first,

These prizes are the worst!

Zelda's in the courtyard,

Mido's callin' me a retard!

I've suffered so much, why can't I just die?

Oohh, Saria baked for me a pie!

Why do I wear a skirt?

Ow mido, that wedgy hurt.

Help, Malon's singing!

Geez, my rash is stinging!

Why can't I be a normal kid?

For my treehouse at 5 bucks let's start the bid.

I'm the hero of time and I pick my nose,

I'm gonna' try to beat ganon with a hose!

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