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"But I am Only a Pixie"

But I am Only a Pixie

By: Super Nova Gurl

If only I could be a mermaid, beautiful and fair,

With evanescent sea~shells in my long blonde hair,

Dwell in an underwater water castle, a glowing coral lair,

    When I leap with joy from beneath the rolling waves,

    The heart beating in me, it's the ocean she craves.

If only I could be a unicorn, pure as the moon in the sky,

My shimmering white body would take you to a high,

And catching me is a lustrous dream you'd never dare to try,

    My silver flowing mane and tail waving in the breeze,

    My crying, mournful soul your heart will beg me to appease.

If only I was a moonbeam, a beacon in the smothering dark,

Shimmering seductively, on your heart I leave my mark,

And though a fire lights within, without me your life is stark,

    I would guide you to the place I live, a palace on the moon,

    And every starry night I'd call- I'm coming for you soon.

If only I could be a flame, burning late in a starry night,

I cast flickering shadows; I provide a little light,

And we'd always be together, and I'd always burn so bright,

    Like the wafting evening breezes that take away your pain,

    A soothing calm I'd bring to you, as chilling as the rain.

But I am not the moonbeam that lights up your dark life,

And I'm not that bright flame that helps you through your strife,

    I'm not a glowing mermaid, A Goddess of the Sea,

    I'm not the innocent unicorn you'd like for me to be,

And I only wish I were those things, maybe then you'd see.

I am a mythical being, as rare as the morning star,

Perhaps you might have seen me, glowing brightly from afar,

    My opalescent glittering wings can bring me to you so fast,

    And my wild, blue, dark, mysterious eyes won't give away my past,

Because you might have seen me, on a ship, I rule the mast.

I am shiveringly exquisite, my body soft as dust,

And you can't see me clearly through this dark and perfumed must,

    Don't you know who I am, this shimmeringly sexy thing,

    And don't you want to rule her, be her one and only King,

And late at night, you can hear the bells of her sweet voice ring.

You and I will fly away, across the horizon's first stars of night,

And live in the distant wilderness, the people there burn bright,

    Over the clear and distant depths of the ocean we will sail,

    And live with other pixies in a violet shaded vale,

I wish you knew who I really was, but I am just a pixie.